Valentines Day With The Kiddos

by Courtney El-Ghoul

This week it seems that the only things I can think about are Valentine’s Day and Nahla and Ava’s Birthday Party… Aghhhh ( post on this is in the works)…

I am sure by now that it is pretty obvious… that, I love the Holidays. If you are new… “Hello, I’m Courtney, and I LOVE the Holidays!” HaHa. So, back on track… Since Valentine’s Day is first… That’s where I am “trying” to focus my efforts. When it comes to celebrating this day of LOVE, we inevitably have to go all out. I have already been all over Target, Home Goods, and Amazon…  gathering decorations for my house, and little gifts for the girls, of course 😉 

I already shared (what I think) is a pretty great gift-guide for the adult women in your lives. But, I thought it would also be fun to share with you guys how I incorporate the little girls in our house, into this special day. 

Around the time they turned one I started explaining to them what Valentine’s day is about. This is also around the time  I started getting a little “extra” with decorating the house. On Valentine’s morning when they would wake up I would have a pretty over-the-top display of all things hearts and candy for them to enjoy. It was sort of like someone threw up pink and red all over our home. Haha. For me, it’s so fun, and they loved it. This went one for the next few years. 

Last year I decided they were old enough to have a little party. If we are being real, it is such a pain to get a sitter on this day.  Again like New Year’s, even if you can get a babysitter and actually go out you are dealing with overpriced pre-fixed menus, crowded restaurants, and it just feels a little corny. ( I know, the irony here… after I just divulged my extravagant decorating ways, ha)  So, I thought – Hey, why don’t we host a Valentines’ Day party? We can invite a couple of close friends, and their kids. Everybody wins! 

It worked out perfectly! I got a mommy helper to hang with the kiddos in the basement. (Finding one for-hire adult, for four families, is a lot easier than finding one for each.) The basement was decked out in Valentines’ Day decor.  It was all set up with their heart plates, napkins, balloons, etc.. You get the idea, pink/red explosion, and it was sooo cute! Upstairs, for the adults, I had a nice dinner set up. We all got fancy. Like we would have if we had gone out to dinner just the two of us. It was actually a full sit down dinner. The kids were having so much fun, they never even came upstairs until it was time for bed. They talked about it for weeks! Kids love the littlest gestures. Just having their friends over, and feeling like it was their very own v-day party meant the world to them. Now, it is one of their favorite holidays. 

I just think this is great. You don’t have to leave your house, and the whole family can enjoy the celebration! I don’t know If I will be able to pull it off this year, as it’s so close to our anniversary trip, and I have a “Galentine’s” Day party that I am hosting for all the mom’s at the girls’ school (stay tuned for that post as well) but I will of course still do something special for the girls.

If you are racking your brain for what to do, and you have the time this is such a fun way for your whole family to enjoy.

What about you guys, thoughts on celebrating Valentines Day? Do you include the kids?



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