Vacation Packing: What I am Taking Just a Carry-on

by Courtney El-Ghoul

I cannot believe our 10th-anniversary trip is less than a month away! Aghhhhh! You know when you feel like a trip is so far away, and then suddenly you’re like … ‘Oh snap it’s almost here!’ Having the holidays in-between booking and departure has for sure made the time go by much faster. Before Christmas, it seemed like I had all the time in the world to prepare all the final details. Now, I am like Ummm yea I need to get on filling out that preference sheet, and mapping out where we want to go (If you don’t know what I am talking about head >>here<< to catch up on the epic plan) !!!! Anyway, this brings me to the topic for today… What am I packing!?

What Am I Packing For Our Trip!?

I told you guys the captain recommends only bringing one carry on, I can do that, BUT I have to be very creative with what I am going to bring to make it work! I don’t want to feel like my outfit choices are not up to par for such a big trip!! I mean, that would just not be cool! Especially since beach/vaca fashion is kinda my thing. 

With that being said I have a few tricks up my sleeve for making this limited packing situation work in my favor. Here goes!

Limited Space: Tips for Packing Your Carry On!

  1. Swimwear/ Coverups day to night– Okay this is a game-changer. If I can double up my bathing suits into an outfit for the evening I will have way more room in my carryon. My strategy is to include pieces like this >> suit top << from Onia as I can wear the top with shorts or a skirt to make it into a proper outfit for the evening. Another staple will be a full one-piece like this >> one << from ShopWeWoreWhat that can be worn as a bodysuit. Also from them, this >> cover-up << that I found on ShopBop is super cute to take from day to dinner on an island. I am honestly going to go with this concept for shoes and hats as well. Whatever is versatile enough to look good on the boat, but that I can also switch up for the days/nights we are exploring on land. 
  2. Easy Makeup – Let’s be real, I am going to be spending most of my time in the water, on the beach, or the deck of the boat. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that I will need/want to keep the glam low-key! This is when eyelash extensions would be on point, but, you know… I’m allergic. Ugh. For all my non-allergic gals – it’s worth the money – DO IT. Other than a good waterproof mascara, I am going to keep it simple. Coola is my go-to for all things SPF. I love this >> BB Cream with sunscreen << to keep my skin tone smooth and protected from wrinkle-causing damage. You know how much I love my KKW >> body glitter << … it OBVIOUSLY makes the packing cut. I am not making any cuts when it comes to >> lip glosses<< I’m taking all of my favorites and if you’ve been on my IG, at all, you know they are all Kylie Cosmetics
  3. Cool Sunnies – This, I think, is the time to get creative with my sunglasses collection. They don’t take up much room and they are the perfect final touch to take your look to the next level. I’ve also got a great post on >> sunglass chains << that you should totally check out if you are thinking of how to jazz-it up and not lose your sunnies. I am. Of course, bringing my favorite Celine pairs- but I will also probably bring a bunch of fun and way less expensive ones. Maybe some Celine dupes. I am obsessed with the variety of affordable glasses like >> these << at Urban Outfitters – they keep the styles well-stocked all year, which is awesome. 
  4. Chilly nights- Hopefully, there won’t be many of these. In Monday’s post I was telling you that I love Inamorata Woman from Emily Ratajkowski for all things swim – but she also just came out with some suiting that includes these AMAZING oversized >>blazers<< which are perfect to pack in case it gets cold in the evenings. With this oversized style, I can still look stylish while staying warm. I might even throw in a light jean jacket that doesn’t take up too much space, but we will see.

I will start laying out all of these outfits/swimsuits this week! I will take photos of them all, and then start ranking my top picks so that I can have everything planned out in advance and nothing unnecessary gets packed. If you take me up on this advice, I can promise you that it will change your packing game forever. I know it may seem like a lot to do, but trust me, it’s so much better to be prepared and not left with a bad outfit choice! That is the worst feeling, ever…

I hope this was helpful for anyone planning a trip where you have to pack extremely light!

What about you guys, any tips/tricks when trying to pack light?



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