Advice For Preparing For a Trip  & Traveling With Twins

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Planning advice:

  • Book your flight ASAP Really, being able to choose your seats so that you can have 2 aisle seats in the same row is crucial with twins.
  • Try to find a flight during their nap time, it may be more expensive… but it will be worth it to not disrupt their routine. We used
  • If your staying in a hotel, call ahead and request 2 cribs or pack and plays. They run out quickly so it’s best with twins to prepare in advance. If you are staying in an air bnb, check to see if they have them before booking.
  • Arrange your car service to the hotel or wherever you are staying in advance. You want to request they bring car seats. We learned the hard way that they typically won’t have them unless requested. With twins checking two car seats is a pain in the butt, so if you don’t have to take them it’s a huge plus.
  • If it’s affordable and your staying in a hotel, a suite with either two bedrooms or one room with a living area/ pull out couch is really nice. This way when it’s bedtime or nap time you can have your own space. Putting the crib in a walk in closet or bathroom is ideal as well. They will sleep better when it’s super dark. We also would book something that included some type of small kitchenette. It’s nice for washing bottles, and to be able to feed them in the room. Going out for all your meals with twins is not always the move. We would pack these portable strap in high chairs, and when they were older we packed the clip on high chairs. This made it so much easier to feed them, doesn’t take up much space in your luggage either.

What to pack: 

  • Have them in comfy pajamas with a favorite toy or blanket so they can fall asleep easier. These pajamas are super soft and really cute.
  • Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller is the best for traveling. Hands down the one we always grab when taking a trip. It’s super light weight, easy to collapse and pull back out. Has just enough storage, reclining seats, fits through most doorways easily (this is huge with double stroller)
  • Plenty of snacks – we bring snacks in these Reusable Sandwich Bags puff cereal, cheerios, something easy. I always pack their favorite treat to bribe them with if the flight is getting rough toward the end.

*Note: Airlines and TSA have different rules for liquids if they are for children.  Check your airline’s website for more info. 

  • Earplugs to offer your neighbor passengers… the gesture goes a long way even if they don’t use them.
  • Extra set of clothes in your carry on for any accidents… you only need one. The kids will be fine. Ju-Ju-Be, Be Right Back, Backpack Diaper Bag is perfect for organizing your inflight necessities. I always have onesies, binkies, diaper cream, wipes, socks, bottles, books, a few diapers, an extra sweater in case they get cold during the flight, and a few small toys.
  • Fitted sheet for the crib or pack and play, the ones they give you at the hotel are so big.
  • Some extras for packing- Tylenol, Ibuprofen, thermometer, teething tablets, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, infant toothbrush, toothpaste, dish soap for washing bottles, bath soap, baby lotion, applesauce pouches or other baby food pouches, sippy cup with straw, sun hats, long sleeve bathing suits (the sun is brutal in the caribbean)
  • Don’t forget a sound machine! Trust me it will make your vacation so much better. We use the sleep machine application on either an iphone or ipad. If you want it to be really loud you can connect to the mini bose dock.
  • If they are still wearing diapers, you don’t need to waste space in your luggage as you can always buy them when you get to your destination.


  • Have a cocktail. Ha. It is all going to be fine! Some ear plugs for your neighbor as a friendly gesture:)

With that said, it wasn’t that bad, we survived, and now that we have had more trips at different stages of their baby/toddlerhood I have lots of tips to share. So stay tuned and comment below if you’ve got something specific you want me to cover! 

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