My Top Perfumes

by Courtney El-Ghoul

If you are into perfume, I got you covered! I am mildly obsessed with all things scent related. I go crazy over a good candle, who doesn’t like their house smelling inviting! Back to perfumes, I have tried so many over the years, and have grown quite the collection. When my girlfriends come over, they are like umm really you wear all those? Truthfully I don’t, which is why I wanted to share my all time favorites with you. These are the ones I consistently use, changing with the seasons, or my mood:)Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve– LOVE LOVE! I actually bought this while I was in Paris. It is light, citrusy, and floral. I love it for spring and summer. I get so many compliments, probably the most of any that I wear. It is worth every penny! I also love that you can get the bottle engraved, and then when you run out they can refill it for you in the store. My first bottle lasted over 13 months. The other thing about engraving is that it makes for a perfect gift.

Chanel Gabrielle-This is a classic! I tend to wear this one year round. It is also light, and gives off floral vibes. Jasmine & orange blossoms.

Diptyque Eau Duelle-LOVE this one. It’s sweet, hints of vanilla, and a little spicy. You can wear this one year round for any occasion. Always get tons of compliments on this one as well.

Angel Mugler- I love this one when I am feeling a little sassy, if you get my drift…;) It’s a strong but sweet scent, vanilla mixed with hints of bergamot. I like it for evenings out, and wear it in the fall/winter months.

Flower Bomb– I always think I am going to get tired of this one, but I buy it over and over. It’s warm & spicy, also perfect for a night on the town with your special someone, or a girls night out. I go with this one year round, whenever I am in the mood.

Tom Ford-Black Orchid– Okay, this perfume is just sexy:) It is the one I grab always for a date night with Khalil. He always notices it, in a good way. Its spicy and warm, and I love it!

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