Top 10 Facemasks for Fall

by Courtney El-Ghoul

 It’s no secret that I am a skincare junkie. Last week I talked about some tips for changing up your skincare routine as we embrace the fall season. One of the main things that I touched on, a few times, was face masks! I love a good face mask any time of the year, but as the air gets cooler and dryer – I definitely up my face mask game. 

Face masks are also really having a comeback – trend-wise. They are so popular, that it can be overwhelming just picking one to try! It’s like they all look so pretty, and the packaging is so great, you’re just like “Yes please!” But then – hmmm, do I go gel, sheet, clay?? It can be exhausting trying to decide and you may not even be sure how to tell if a mask is truly going to be beneficial for you. Everyone’s skin is different, so some may work better than others depending on your skin type. 

To help you guys through the trial error process a little faster I thought I would share Top 10 facemasks for fall. Just an FYI I would say overall I have combination skin, with that oh so annoying oily t-zone… 

Top 10 Face Masks For Fall

  1. PTR pumpkin enzyme mask- I love this mask! Not just because it’s fall-themed, haha. I mean, it does smell amazing… but it also really does work. It is a 3 in 1 which I love! It exfoliates, peels, & polishes. My skin can be sensitive to exfoliants in general, but with this one, I am not tomato red after using it! I apply a thin layer & leave it on between 5 to 7 minutes depending on how much time I have. My skin instantly looks and feels so much brighter!
  2. Ole Henrikson cold plunge pore mask- I am always repurchasing this mask. I even travel with it. The twins get a real kick out of the color, which is a bonus <3 It is a very bright, clay-based mask. It detoxifies & cools the skin, helps reduce pore size, smooths the skin, and helps with oil production throughout the day. I like to apply clay masks with a brush. I just use an old foundation brush, I leave it on for about 15 minutes, rinse and *BOOM* my skin feels amazing.
  3. Summer Fridays jet lag mask- You don’t have to be jet-lagged to appreciate this mask. It is cream-based and super hydrating. It helps with dryness and when your skin has that dull tired look. I use it when I am extra tired or just feeling like my skin needs some extra hydration. How to use- I apply a thin layer all over and will typically sleep in it. No need to rinse- You will wake up feeling like your skin is BRAND NEW!
  4. Tatcha luminous dewy sheet mask– This sheet mask is delicious for your skin. It is so silky! It improves fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates, improves uneven texture and brightens up dullness. I apply it before bed or early in the morning before the girls wake up… If you have an event to attend these are great for before getting ready – for an extra boost of radiance. I also like that it forces me to lay down, close my eyes, and relax for about 10-15 minutes. I also travel with these.
  5. GlamGlow super mud charcoal mask– I talked about the thirsty mud mask last week, but this is another one I am a big fan of. It is a clarifying mask with 6 exfoliating acids which will help clarify your skin & unclog your pores. I apply a thin layer (I also use my brush with this one), let it harden for about 10 minutes, and then rinse.
  6. Skin Ceuticals Bio-Cellulose sheet mask- I also talked about this one last week, but it deserves a second mention. They are pricey but worth it. Especially if your skin is feeling damaged. This is perfect coming off summer as it helps heal damaged or sensitive skin. If I feel like a got too much sun, or forget to re-apply sunscreen after being at the park with the girls I will use this mask. It is a sheet mask so you simply apply, relax for 10/15 minutes and massage the remaining moisture into your skin when you remove it.
  7. Laneige water sleeping mask– Any mask I can sleep in comfortably is a winner. This one is so nice. It is a hydrating mask, gel-based, it stays on all night, and you wake up feeling oh so fresh. I just apply a thin layer after doing my nightly routine before bed.
  8. Caudalie instant detox mask- I have been using this one off and on for a couple of years. It’s for sure a good one. It is clay-based and helps keep your pores clean and tight. I love the way my skin feels afterward. I apply a thin layer with my brush, leave it on for about 10 minutes, rinse, and I am looking oh so bright!
  9. PTR cucumber gel mask- This mask is great after sun exposure, peels, laser, anything that could have irritated your skin. It’s a gel-based mask that soothes & hydrates the skin. I apply a thin layer at night, and I sleep in it. I also love the under eye patches.
  10. Laneige eye sleeping mask- Okay, so, the last one! This one is just for underneath your eyes and I use it a lot – it is so good. It helps with puffiness, dark circles, really hydrates the undereye area. It comes in handy if you have been up a few nights with kiddos or in general just have that tired eye look. I apply a thin layer underneath my eyes and just sleep with it on.

I hope this was helpful and will save you guys some time searching for that perfect mask! Curious if you have tried any of these, or if you have any other favorites?



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