Tips for Managing a Toddler With Curly Hair

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Who doesn’t want gorgeous natural curls? Try telling that to my toddler, she is not so happy about maintaining them. I can’t even tell you the battles we faced every morning, we are now both in a better place after a lot of tears and some new gray hairs for me! So if I can spare you any of that pain I am happy to share what worked for us.

  1. Squirt  bottle 
  2. Wet brush 
  3. Shea moisture de-tangle spray
  4. Comb
  5. My iphone with her favorite show
  6. If we need to blow dry, this one is great. She is more into me doing her hair if she gets to use the cool pink blow dryer:) It even has a travel case, so we can take it for vacations, or to swim lessons.

Using these in our daily routine has made both our lives much easier in the mornings. I also use the shea moisture shampoo/conditioner as well for her. I leave the conditioner in her hair without rinsing. I also braid her hair at night before she goes to bed which helps with the tangles in the morning. 


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