The Decision to go Back to Work Part 1: My First Day

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, guys, I told you I would be back with an update on my decision to potentially going back to work, part-time, with Khalil’s company.  

Wellllll… Drum roll!!!!

The suspense… haha 

Guess who the newest member of the Glass House Real Estate team is!? What do you know, but, it’s ME! I had my first day this past week, and I LOVED IT.  Gosh, I feel like I have so much to fill you in on.

Interested in a first-day recap?! Ok, Here it goes… 

I  dropped the girls at school, got a quick barre class in, and headed to the office. I just had to be there in time to be able to sit in on a team meeting, that Khalil wanted me to observe. I actually really enjoyed this! I mean obviously when they were talking about specific clients, listing agreements, home inspections, etc.. I am not aware of the situations, but it was nice just to be in an adult setting, brainstorming with peers, team discussions. I realized I really did miss this feeling. Mental note, being in yoga pants was not ideal. Dress up on day two, haha.

Now at this point, you might be wondering… Courtney, what the heck are you actually doing!? And, that my friends, is a great question. HAHA. It’s a real estate company, and my professional background is in New Home Sales, which is pretty real-estate-ey… So,  at the beginning of our discussions, I thought that I would be doing a lot with the real estate side of things. But, as it turns out, it will be the total opposite! Crazy! It seems like I won’t have much of a real estate role at all. 

Khalil is amazing, and is a total rockstar entrepreneur and killing it in the real estate game. He doesn’t really need any help in that area. We realized pretty quickly that what Khalil needs the most help with is building up the office culture and maintaining client relationships. Things like team building events, incentives, and client relationship management.  I am pretty excited about it! I think it will be great because it’s something that I feel confident that I can just jump in and take charge of to make some big improvements. I spent most of my first day, brainstorming a client appreciation event he would like us to host in March. It seems like this will be my first big project to lead. These types of events are so important for maintaining long term relationships with clients and meeting new ones. On top of that… I will work on keeping the office morale up with team events, community outreach, post settlement follow up with clients. Khalil is also supporting a bunch of local charities that he really believes in. I would love to find some ways to help bring awareness to these organizations. As you can see, not everything is set in stone, but I am excited about the journey!

Now, I know. that it is very exciting to explore what my new job will actually be about… But, you also know that one of the first thoughts that ran through my mind after the day one yoga pants situation..was “What am I going to wear!?” HA.  Khalil said that for the first couple of weeks while I am getting back into the groove of things, I can be casual. I had already started looking through my old work wardrobe to see what I could still pull off that would be professional. To my surprise, I found some pretty good staples that are still pretty cute.  I can not wait to get a few new pieces and share the mixing and matching journey with old and new stuff. (post to come on that) I know for sure my new Inamorata oversized blazers are totally going to be on repeat in my office wardrobe. 

After my first day, it was SO FUNNY. My mom and friends were all calling me like crazy!  “How was it?! Do you love it?! What was it like?! Did you and Khalil argue!?” But, the thing is… this is so new, and out of the normal routine for both of us, that I couldn’t really answer most of their questions. I can confirm that we didn’t argue at all, which was great, ha. But, honestly, we haven’t even decided exactly what my title will be… So, I can’t give a full report, YET. But I will 100% keep you guys posted. 

Side Note: When Khalil asked the girls how they felt about me going back to work, Ava was all “Dad, it’s fine if it is only two days. You can’t have her more than that. We need her here!” Haha It was SO CUTE. 

Don’t fret, will still be in full force, but, I will be working with Khalil part-time as well.

Who says we can’t do it all!

I’ve got this… Twins, blog, part-time job, yes… Please…

Any suggestions on what my title should be?



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