Tips & Ideas for Keeping Kids Entertained

by Courtney El-Ghoul

As a stay at home with twins you can imagine I had to get creative with the crafting. I will be the first to admit, crafts are not my thing. That’s just it though!  I figured out pretty quickly I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.There are so many cool activities I have found that keep them busy, and are great for stimulation. My girls get bored quickly so I am constantly trying to think of new things we can do together that we all enjoy. I wanted to share with you all some of them below. These are things I have done with them as early toddlers up until now at 4 years old.

Dot Markers. My kids love these! They seriously will play with them for a couple of hours. Bonus for mom they are an easy clean up.

-Painting. No joke keeps them busy for hours, and it’s so easy I get all my paints from Amazon or Michaels ( brushes, paper to cover the table, paint brush storage. Target also sometimes has these table covers you can paint in their dollar section. (These from Amazon are also great) It’s a pretty easy clean-up just make sure the paints are washable.

Beads- Another easy one. I get different beads, string, beads with letters so they can practice spelling. We make them for hours! Not even kidding. Great for getting them used to understanding patterns, and colors for little ones.

Playdoh from scratch- This is a great one to do around the holidays as well. You can add apple pie spice, and it smells so yummy. You could also use the pumpkin pie spice for thr Fall.We make it together, and then use cookie cutters to make shapes. They love doing this!

-Coachella inspired hair accessories- My girls love this! Buy small or large gold safety pins, beads, name beads. You can attach the beads to the safety pin, attach a few of the pins together, and then you will attach to small braids in your hair. NOTE this would only be for when your child understands that pins are sharp! You don’t want them to poke them self. 

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