Getting Organized – Storage Room

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, so in my recent Party Planning post, I mentioned that whenever I am hosting an event or party at my house, it always inspires me to get more organized. Deciding to host a “Galentine’s Day” for all the moms at the girls’ school, was no different. It was just the motivation I needed to get moving on our Storage Room! If you walked in my basement on February 1st, you would surely have thought it was still Christmas time!!! You could say that I got a little carried away with buying extra Christmas decorations this year. You could also say that this is the understatement of the year. I am not even kidding. I know, no one here is shocked. The problem with turning our home into a beautiful winter wonderland was that I ran out of places to put everything once we took it all down. Everything, including the extra tree that I purchased, was ALL OVER the basement. I know, I know. No one needs a tree in every room.

Anyway, to say I was overwhelmed would’ve been putting it very lightly. I knew we were having this party, and that I would be so embarrassed if someone went down in the basement, plus it just needed to be done. Of course, I had to call in my girl, Carly, at The Evergreen Method to help me contain the Christmas bomb that had gone off in my basement.

For starters, I sent her pictures of the disaster zone, and then we talked through my vision. Ideally, I wanted to keep the same shelving system we already had in place but thought maybe we could add some storage bins. Pinterest came in handy while I was getting together ideas for the look I was going for. When discussing the budget, Carly was great at being flexible with balancing the use of things we already had and only buying what we truly needed. 

Guys!!! Look at this…

How chic are these bins?!

We ended up using black storage bins that are all clearly labeled and simple metal shelving. I loved when Carly suggested using the opaque black, to me it is more aesthetically pleasing than some of the clear alternatives. Everything is easy to find now. I can just grab what I need and move on. Christmas Decorations now have their own designated space. which in and of itself is extra as heck… but, oh well. I love it. I even organized all of the girls’ artwork from school and set it aside because Carly gave me a great idea to use Artkive which is so cool! Check it out if you haven’t already! There are so many cool ideas for hanging on to the littles artwork and being able to store those special memories. Before this I had it thrown all over the place. Now, I can keep all of the memories but maybe we won’t have to add an addition to store it all forever, ha

All the artwork is in a tidy pile and ready to be hung or digitized!

Initially, we had planned on having a small workout area in that room, as well as using it for storage. Up until now, it has been so chaotic that there was no way we could have even imagined making it a multi-purpose room. Now, I can walk around and visually map out where I could see us putting up a ballet bar, having some lightweights, and a place for a yoga mat. Maybe we will even be able to use the treadmill that has just been sitting there collecting dust and holding garland all this time! The space was so uninviting before, and now it has a purpose! Ahhhh. I am so happy! 

I used to hate going down to the basement because it would give me crazy anxiety. Every time something didn’t have an official home, we would just throw in this room. Eventually, it just became a purgatory for stuff that had no real set place. You guys know I love the Holidays and that I can be a bit extra myself, so you can imagine the mess we had on our hands. Not any more! What else can I say? I LOVE my storage room now!

Next on the list! Girls playroom! Stay tuned for this one!

If you are local and require any organization but don’t quite know where to begin, Carly is your girl! She is the best!

How is your storage zone? Are you like me and keep adding more and more things to put away?



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