Staying Fit for the Holidays

by Courtney El-Ghoul

During the Holidays it is so easy to be tempted with so much yummy food, even for me. If you guys have been following me on instagram for a while you already know I am a Pure Barre addict, but hey, I am also a human. It gets tough for me during these winter months to stay motivated.When I sit down and really think about the overarching themes that keep me going – they all fall under either dedication or discipline. Seriously, everything that keeps me going can be defined by one of those two things. As I type this post I literally just got home from Pure Barre, and it’s Thanksgiving morning! So, I thought I would share with you guys a couple of tips that I try to follow particularly during the Holiday season.

Tips for Staying Fit During the Holiday Season

  1. Start early! Don’t wait until the New Year to set your goal for working out. You want to be in a good routine of getting your workout in on a regular basis before its even time to make that New Year’s Resolution. I try to get in a good mindset as soon as November rolls around.
  2. A lot of gyms have challenges during the Holidays. Sign up for them, and hold yourself accountable for hitting your goals. Pure Barre is holding one now where if you hit a certain number of classes during the month of December you win a t-shirt. It’s not about the actual item your winning, it’s just a little something to keep you on point with your goals. If you have friends you workout with, discuss your goals together, and you can help holding each other accountable for meeting them. If you don’t have friends you work out with in person – find a community online! 
  3. Get some cute gear! I have shared this tip before, but hey it’s the Holidays so even more of an excuse to purchase yourself some new workout clothes. Put it on your wishlist! Trust me, there is nothing like feeling good in a cute matching set to get you going.
  4. Even if you can’t make it to the gym or a class do a little something at home. I know with busy schedules, and cold weather it gets hard, but you can do a yoga session, or a barre workout from your living room. All you really need is a mat, and maybe some light hand weights. Get on Instagram – there are thousands upon thousands of fit moms with at home programs and accountability groups/ 
  5. Meditate and/or set an intention when you wake up in the morning. It lightens the mood, and gets you going with your day. This doesn’t need to be a long over the top process. When you wake up – just find a cozy place to sit for 5-10 minutes – close your eyes and set an intention for the day. There are tons of good apps if you are new to meditation. I think Headspace even has a three minute one. EVERYONE has three minutes. <3
  6. Give yourself a cheat day, but truly try to be as disciplined as you can with the rest of your week. For me, this is key. I don’t over indulge, I never skip a meal (breakfast is so important) and I really try to always maintain portion control. If I am being honest I rarely ever have a true cheat day, but Khalil does, and for some people I know this is needed. It’s all about moderation, especially as we get older and our metabolism changes, and we have babies!
  7. Lastly, Meal Plan– If you plan your meals ahead of time for the week, it will be so much easier to eat healthy. I know it seems like a lot to do, but honestly it’s not that bad, and you will save yourself more money/time having things planned to eat for the week in advance. There are so many meal planning apps and services, try one! It won’t hurt.

I hope this was helpful, I am up for hearing what you guys do to stay motivated during the Holidays

XO Courtney

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