Sailing The BVI’s: 10 Year Anniversary Trip

by Courtney El-Ghoul
3 sisters:)

It’s been a little over a week since I got back from paradise and I am ready to dish!!! To be totally honest I feel like it took me a full week just to get back into the swing of things. But, as promised, I am going to give you all the deets, and share our full itinerary 🙂

Here goes…

Day 1- We flew direct into St. Thomas. We arranged in advance to have a taxi waiting to take us to the boat. After a quick ride, we arrived at Yacht Haven where we met our crew Michael (captain) & Casey (chef). We used wlms charters to book the trip, and Mandy (who was so awesome to work with) was even there to greet us at the boat 🙂 Michael & Casey were so warm and welcoming so instantly I knew we were off to a great start. Once we got to the boat Casey had champagne & snacks waiting for us! She gave us the tour and we quickly got unpacked( only 1 carry on!) We were so ready to chill. We had some drinks and then took a nap while we sailed to Maho Bay, St. John where we docked for the night. Casey made us a delicious dinner and we went over our itinerary for the charter. It was such a great way to set us up for the week. I will admit I was a little nervous about how I would sleep on the boat, but… I slept like a baby!

Day 2 – I am going to give you the real deal! Haha… I had a bit of a hangover when I woke up on day 2. You know, all the excitement led to a little too much champagne!!! I knew we were sailing early, but I thought I could just sleep below deck. NOPE!!! Thankfully though, this was the only time during the whole trip that I felt sick. Casey quickly informed me that I wouldn’t want to be below deck while we were sailing. So, I made my way to the main deck and just slept it off on our sail to Jost Van Dyke. We sailed to White Bay for some morning lounging, had breakfast, and then swam over to the infamous Soggy Dollar for some cocktails. I would say this island is much more of a party scene than I expected, lots of great people watching for sure! Foxy’s is the hot spot as far as the late-night scene goes. So, of course, we had to check it out! Everyone, including us, was living it up! It was a great party and we enjoyed every minute of it! 

Day 3- The next morning we had a beautiful sail to the Indians. Khalil was learning so much about sailing and actually got to assist Michael with driving the boat, he was in heaven! Oh. sidenote: They had an amazing speaker, a Sound Box, I am totally buying this for outdoor parties! It was INCREDIBLE! I mean we were just blasting Biebs new album while enjoying a few refreshing Truly haha. Just living life to the fullest! We also did some snorkeling and had lunch on the boat. Some of my friends have been like … “Didn’t you get bored?” But honestly, I never did! Even on the long sails I would just nap, read my book, and hang out with Khalil. Casey would whip up the most delicious afternoon snacks with espresso! I mean, seriously, it was ahhhhhmazing!!! Okay I am on a tangent… back to the breakdown 🙂 After lunch, we took the dinghy over to Pirates Bight for sunset cocktails. We chilled on the beach and then had dinner on the boat. We weren’t going to go, cause we felt like such tourists, but we decided to head to another infamous hot spot…  Willy Ts. I can’t lie it was pretty cool to see the legendary floating bar. The original ship was destroyed during Hurricane Irma, but they have rebuilt it since. The people-watching was so fun, and I am glad we went! Speaking of Irma we also had the most amazing massages in this floating spa! The spa was built from lumber salvaged from the hurricane. There are glass windows on the bottom so that you can see fish swimming below you during your treatment. Oh my gosh, it was so cool! What a genius idea!! Not to mention the massage itself was BOMB, like I was so relaxed afterward.

The Indians

Day 4- Okay it’s so hard to choose because all the islands were unique in their own way, but this day was one of my favorites! We sailed to Little Harbor on Peter Island, and guys… it was so beautiful! The water was that crystal clear where you can see right down to the bottom. We paddle boarded, snorkeled, and saw the cutest sea turtles! There was a mom and her baby, the cutest!!! Ahhhhh I was in love! After, we headed to Cooper Island which was so our scene! They have the cutest beach club where we did some shopping and had sunset cocktails. We had dinner at the restaurant there and visited the famous rum bar for cocktails. Such a fun day!

Peter Island

Day 5– Another favorite!!! It is so hard to choose…. We sailed as long as we could with the awesome winds up to Anegada! This is the only flat island in the BVI’s. So, we rented a Jeep for the day and explored all the beautiful beaches. Each beach was so different & gorgeous! Anegada Beach club was super chill, had a really cool gift shop. The beach was so secluded we got in some great relaxation time.  Loblolly Bay & Cow Wreck Beach were also really cool. We had a beautiful dinner at Sid’s on Pomato Pt. No joke… it was the best lobster I have ever had!!! I usually don’t even care for lobster, this was so good. After dinner, we danced the night away to some old school hip hop at Potters by the Sea.

Khalil was all in to sailing:)

Day 6- Okay I am starting to get sad as I am writing this. Coming to the end here but still, so amazing! We sailed from Anegada to Savannah Bay where we had our last snorkeling adventure, and I felt like I was in a movie walking on this beach. I am not even kidding. We were like the only people on the beach. It was so magical that I felt like I was in a dream. After an amazing morning we headed down to the Baths ( Virgin Gorda) where we explored the sea boulders. This was so cool! It is for sure a tourist spot, but Michael knew to go there in the afternoon before they closed the beach. It was so nice being able to explore the area like it was just Khalil and I.

Savannah Bay
The Baths Virgin Gorda

That evening was our actual anniversary so we anchored off Coco Maya where we had a romantic dinner at Coco Maya restaurant. It was super romantic and a gorgeous restaurant. The best kind of beach chic, for sure! Oh, and Casey made us a cookie cake ( Khalil’s fave) with some bubbly before we headed out that evening. She was seriously amazing. As I am writing this I am remembering all these small extra details that she and Michael did for us that were so nice:) Honestly, guys, it was the perfect trip! Like a dream come true, I swear.

Last day Breakfast:)
Anniversary Dinner at Coco Maya:)

Of course, we had to go out with a bang! So on our way back to St. Thomas to catch our flight we saw a freaking humpback whale north of St. John!! It was sooo cool!!!


I swear, I could go on forever… and probably will. It was the most amazing trip, Khalil and I fell in love all over again, it was just what we needed. Casey & Micahel were so awesome, and we hope to do it again with the girls for sure, to show them this beautiful place.

Now for some tips!

  • Catamaran on a budget- You could skip the middleman to save cost (IE a charter company) and book directly with the boat owner. However, I do feel like Mandy (wlms charters) was amazing, and who is to say if we would have found 3 sisters without her?? You on the other hand… can just book with them -because we found them for you 🙂  
  • You could make it a group trip and go with other couples to split the cost. You also don’t have to have a chef, but I totally recommend it. Some people just go out to eat, or they bring their own food onboard.

Tips in general

  • When you are doing your research look for a crew that will fit your personality, really do your homework. I could see where the experience would not be good if you didn’t match up with the crew personality wise. Boats are small and you’ll be together a lot. 
  • Look for newer boats. 3 sisters is a 2018, and we studied all the pictures online. We knew what we were getting into as far as sleeping, showering, for the most part. Older boats will have more problems, and may not be as comfortable.

Check out Casey & Michael at

What about you guys? Has anyone done any catamaran charters?



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