Re-socializing The Kids During a Pandemic

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Hi Everyone!

This post is something that has been weighing heavily on my mind for a while now. I want to talk about my feelings around and our approach to slowly resocializing the girls while still being as safe as we can during this pandemic.

Those of you who have been around for a while. you know that the girls are social butterflies and we try to keep them incredibly busy… to say the least. That being said, we have been and continue to, take COVID-19 very seriously and have had the girls home since the beginning of March. We are super blessed to be healthy and happy, and I do believe that the girls are handling this whole thing very well. I find myself thinking to myself all the time like…  my goodness, how resilient these kids are, it’s truly amazing. 

Dealing with COVID19 Quarantine

At the same time, while all of that is true,  I do see the negative impact starting to show. Not being around other children has been incredibly hard on them. During the first couple of months of isolating, I wouldn’t have dared to bring this up, but now we are six months in and I am noticing more and more signs that this is not good for them.

For example:  If we are on a neighborhood walk and we run into some kids they know or even just casually wave and say “hi” to a child that they don’t know while we are passing by it’s like they both try to recreate that moment for WEEKS. Every day after they will ask me… “Mommy, will we see that little girl again from last time on the walk? Maybe we should go the exact way we went and leave at the same time?” It’s like they are genuinely scared to miss any opportunity to see other kids. It is so sad to see how much they miss playing and seeing other children.

I know it’s hard for all of us, but for children, they really need the social aspect for cognitive development. It’s what makes being a kid so fun. Being carefree, meeting new children, playing freely together in the park, it’s all so important for their personal development. So as scared as I am of COVID I am also scared to raise children who aren’t developing healthily. So, I have been trying to slowly get them socializing again being as careful as I can. For me, I am acknowledging that COVID isn’t going anywhere, so we just have to make smart decisions, and follow the guidelines the best way we can.

What We Are Doing To Re-Socialize The Girls

First and foremost, playdates are with family/friends that we know are on the same page as us. I just started allowing the girls to play with kiddos whose families I know are being just as careful as we are. Last week we visited a close friend,  and my goodness the girls had the time of their lives. They played NON-STOP and didn’t complain once about being hungry or hot, you would have never guessed it was 100 degrees, ha. Normally, we would be able to share snacks and go indoors! It’s a whole new level of preparation. But, you know what, it’s not that bad.  This way the girls get to have a moderate sense of some normalcy. I mean for the past six months the only faces they’ve seen are mine and Khalil’s!!! It is so crazy when you think about it…

I guess what I’ve come to realize is that this is what is going to work for us as a family. To keep my kids happy and myself sane. We are human beings and we do need that socialization. I am 100% still social distancing and following the guidelines to flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID. Point is, with a little extra effort, you can have a little quarantine pod so that socializing can be done safely.

We just started lessons. Such a nice distraction from this mess. The girls were obsessed!

What about you guys, how are you feeling? Are you allowing playdates?

I want to talk about going back to school with you guys as well. Working on a post on what we are planning…



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