Preschool Preparation

by Courtney El-Ghoul
preschool preparation

I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t know how hard it was going to be to prepare my kids for preschool! It is a lot of work. I am not even just talking about the application process, I will save that for another post! I mean just figuring out what they will need, how best to prepare them… 

Getting them ready for that first year in a totally new environment -academically & socially. Last year I bought some things that weren’t great but after that trial and error experience, I have some must-haves that I LOVE. As Ava & Nahla begin their second year of preschool, I will for sure be using these again.

Here are the items that are sticking around after last year! Hopefully, I can save you a little bit of headache with your back to school shopping!


Educational Wall Posters – You can get these on Amazon, and they are so great. I still use them all the time. We play school where I quiz them and they can play with each other. They are laminated, bold, colorful. I have no complaints. They are both horizontal and vertical, and it comes as a set of 10 posters.

Urban Mod Modern table set – We have this table and chairs for the twins. It is perfect for schoolwork, arts & crafts, and snacks. It’s modern & very durable. This isn’t directly related to prep, just thought I would mention it as they do a lot of school stuff at this table, and it’s super sleek. It makes a big difference for them to have a designated place to go when they know it’s time to do homework and learning.

Hot Dots Jr Pre-K – These are so great for prepping your child for school. My girls love them! Super educational, and you can take them anywhere. A long car ride, restaurant, waiting for an appointment. We use them all the time. Great travel toy!


Planet Box – I cannot say enough good things about these. I had the launch last year, but am upgrading to the Rover this year for the girls. Stainless steel, easy to clean, cute options for magnets to decorate, most importantly environmental friendly! This will eliminate your use for all those plastic bags.

Ello Stainless Steel 12oz Kids Water bottle – My favorite! I love that it has the lock which prevents the spreading of germs! That first year can be rough so I’ll take all the help I can get. I haven’t noticed leaking either. They are also available at Target

Jansport bookbag- Okay so I know these are a bit pricey, but your kids will use them forever. I bought those small ones meant for preschoolers and they don’t fit anything. Spend the money on the larger durable one and it will last.

Crocs – The perfect indoor shoes. I leave these at school for my girls, they are their indoor shoes. Easy to slip on, keep the classroom clean, act as slippers.

Name bubbles – These are AMAZING. Oh my, the labeling! Everything has to be labeled, and my goodness these make my life 10,000 times easier. You won’t regret this purchase, not to mention they are super cute.

Reusable snack bags Amazon –  We love these for any chips, crackers, or small snacks I pack them for school or just if we are on the go. They are cute,  super easy to clean – and again – helping us cut down on single-use plastic we are using in our home.


Last, but certainly not least… You would like, that as twins, this wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it would be for an only child. In theory, they always have each other and should be ahead of the game with things like socializing and sharing. But, in reality, this can work against them. Last year I found that they didn’t always socialize with the other kids because they were so codependent on one another.  As I saw this happening I tried to put them in more group activities outside of school so that they would get more comfortable playing with other kiddos. Ava has always been the more dominant one, so it was really important for us to make sure Nahla had time to bond with other kids independently. She would sometimes get lost in Ava’s shadow. So, we did a music class, lots of group play dates, and I joined a local moms group. We went to most of the events like a dance class and gymnastics. Even if you can just get them in a play-group before school starts, or on the weekends during school –  I think it has been so beneficial for getting them more comfortable socializing at school when I am not there. I know everyone will have a different opinion on this, but it was also important for us to have the girls in separate classrooms. After year one and heading into year two, I am SO glad we did this! Doing this has made it so that they have made their own friends, everything is not a competition, and they miss each other! When they are home from school they are much more excited to be together – they get along much better and enjoy the time they get to play just the two of them. I won’t lie – I was nervous about it in the beginning but I am so glad we did it. We are continuing this plan as they move into their second year.

On a different note, I cannot believe after this year they will be in Kindergarten!!! OMG how is that possible, I felt like I was just bringing them home from the hospital not that long ago!? I will resist the urge to get all sentimental with my baby-fever… Savor the moments while they are little – it doesn’t last nearly long enough.

Happy Back-to-School Shopping!

XO Courtney

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