Pantry Declutter- Part 3 of Home Organizing

by Courtney El-Ghoul

If you guys have been following along with me, you know I have been obsessed, to say the least, with organizing our home. I showed you guys my closet and our mudroom which I am beyond happy with! For real, it has been life-changing! And, I am proud to report – we have been maintaining the organization!!!

Pantry Organization


The next big project was our pantry. Ugh. I was dreading this one. 

Okay, we all know the kitchen is the most used room in most houses. It’s important. For us, it is without a doubt the most used room… by a landslide. We spend most of our time as a family in this room. We are always eating, chatting, hanging out, cooking, and baking. We are super lucky that we have a large pantry. Unfortunately, we were not using it to the full extent of its potential. I was driving myself nuts trying to find things when I was cooking dinner, packing lunches, or baking with the girls. I couldn’t even ask the girls to grab something for me because everything was either impossible for them to find or reach. This area really needed some super intentional and well thought out TLC.

Before-Total Disaster

If you’ve read the other two home organization posts, this next step will be no surprise. Obviously, I called Carly, from TheEvergreenMethod. If you are local to the Northern Virginia area – I swear – she is the BEST. If you are not, I am so sorry, ha. For real though, considering hiring someone close to where you live. Working with a professional is such a good investment.

Clear bins for Holiday Items

Getting Started With The Pantry Organization Process

To get going, Carly and I sat down for a discussion. She asked me how I start and finish my day in reference to the things I use in the pantry, along with several other interesting questions. This was super helpful, as we organized items starting with breakfast, lunch/snacks, followed by dinner. Very quickly – everything had its place and was clearly labeled. It makes my mornings so much smoother, I can grab my breakfast items, and in the meantime begin gathering the things I need to pack lunches. Imagine an assembly line, in your pantry. 🙂 Even the girls can now recognize where things are, so they can be more independent, and help me if I need them to grab something.

Labels make all the difference
Breakfast Items all together:)

Aside from being invaluable for my sanity organization wise… there are other more serious benefits. With Nahla now being Gluten Free and Dairy Free, you can imagine the chaos that was going on – the risk of a snack mix up was always looming. I didn’t have things separated and really only I knew where to find specific items. Now we have bins for all my GF/DF baking items, snacks, pasta, and it’s all labeled! Ahhhh so much better! 

I have talked about my love/hate relationship with The Container Store before, and it still stands. Haha. My hate only really stems from the times where I don’t know what I need and the number of options is too overwhelming for me. But for this project – The Container Store stole the show. Everything we used was so good! I thought I would mention a couple of my favorite purchases. 

Favorite Organization Purchases

  • The lazy susans are the best! I love them in the pantry – no more showing and spilling things to get what’s in the back. One spin and you can see it all. 
  • The cereal containers, (particularly if you are a cereal family like us) are a game-changer. We have so many different kinds, and I hate stale cereal! 
  • Lastly the home edit 3 tier shelf is amazing for organizing and being able to see all your canned items. I don’t know about you but I hate the wasted space of a 12″ tall shelf holding only 3″ cans that keep getting lost. Ugh. Solution found. Thank goodness. 

The icing on the cake for me was finally having my Holiday items completely organized. Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that I needed this – and now I wonder how I ever lived with the chaos of before. I am so mad at myself for not thinking of, and doing this before! I tend to go a little overboard with, well let’s face it … every Holiday 🙂 I have baking/plates/tablecloths/napkins for Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Easter, and anything else you can think of! Well, now, everything has a clear bin and is labeled. If it’s Valentine’s Day… I just find the bin that says “Valentine’s Day” and everything I need is inside! It’s a miracle, really. Oh, and we decluttered and got rid of so much junk that I am not even sure why I still had! It’s amazing how quickly you can accumulate so many unnecessary things. Suddenly you’re like, um… why do I have 27 extra Tupperware lids, but no Tupperware?!

Anyway, I will share with you guys before/after pics so you can see the transformation!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if you are local hit up Carly, she rocks! If a home organizer is not in the budget you can also totally do this on your own. With a trip to the container store, a label maker, a positive mindset, and a bit of patience you can totally get in there to declutter and get organized. You will not regret it. 



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