NYE with the Kiddos

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Can you guys believe we are about to roll right on into 2020!? It is so crazy how fast this year has flown by! I need to get my resolutions squared away, ASAP! Don’t worry, I will be sure to share with you guys as soon as there is something to share 🙂

If you know me or have been following along for a bit, I am sure it’s no surprise that I will take full advantage of any chance that I can to get dressed up to enjoy some bubbly and alone time with Khalil 🙂 BUT…  I have to admit that I do feel like New Year’s Eve is a bit overrated these days. It has taken quite a few years, and a couple of kids, for me to get to this point of “underwhelm.” Khalil, on the other hand, has always hated it! When we were younger he would only go along with the parties and dinners for me:) 

Side Note: I have to share this with you guys – because it’s so funny.  Khalil really does think NYE is like, the worst, he doesn’t like it at all. YET – the person who hates New Year’s Eve so much… chose this particular holiday…  to propose?!?! Haha not even kidding! I give him so much crap about it, he says, of course, he only chose that night because he knew I would like it. Every year I make the joke and he is like “Courtney, I know you, you were 100% “that girl” who would TOTALLY swoon over getting engaged on NYE!” I can’t argue with the logic… He totally knows me. I loved every second of it. Plus, you’ve gotta give him extra credit for totally rebranding his least favorite holiday… Anyway, I am digressing, back to the point…

So, as I was saying…  My attitude towards New Year’s has completely changed over the last decade. The thought of spending an absurd amount of money on tickets for a party or dealing with all the restaurants and their overpriced pre fixe menus… is NOT appealing to me anymore. Not to mention, paying the crazy holiday surge price to take an uber … IF you are even able to get one! Heck, if we are being totally honest, even staying up until midnight is tough for me these days! Haha, I am getting old, I know. I don’t mean to sound like such a grinch –  I just want to make the point that my NYE traditions have totally changed, and honestly for the better:)

New NYE Traditions

OKAY – all that set up was to share that last year we officially started doing NYE differently. We did our first little NYE party at home and it was all about the girls! We had over a few of their friends from dance and their parents.  We still had some adult time, but we made it about the kids first. We set up the basement with a kids area all set to bring in the New Year – we included them in the decorating and set up which they had a BLAST with. We made the whole start of the evening about the girls – fancy snacks, sparkling cider, and party hats. Around 6pm we started the countdown. Netflix typically has a kid-friendly NYE countdown which is so perfect because the kids get to have a midnight celebration when it’s really like 7pm!!! The kids ended up heading to bed shortly after “the ball dropped” and the adults got to have some adult time while watching the real ball drop! The girls and I still got dressed up in festive attire, and honestly, it was so cute! I loved the idea of including them in something that in years passed I was always stressing out over getting a babysitter…  to only have a “meh” night. I am planning to throw a similar little shindig for them again this NYE. My goal is to make it better each year! Stay tuned for pics and stories on IG. 

What about you guys? How do you feel about NYE, do you think it’s overrated or do you love it?

Thoughts on including the kids?



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