NYC Last Minute Trip! Pros & Cons With Kids

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Who says you can’t be spontaneous and book a last-minute trip when you’ve got kiddos?? Haha. Well, as you may have seen on Instagram – that is exactly what we did with our NYC trip last week. It’s such a good thing I am married to Khalil because I likely wouldn’t have agreed to the idea if it wasn’t for his persuasion. Master negotiator; that he is. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong… I am all about spontaneity IF it’s just the two of us. When it comes to doing things with the kids, I get more anxious and worried about what could go wrong… rather than just going with the flow. So, hesitantly, I agreed to book this trip, and I am so glad I did! We for sure had some bumps along the way, but the good outweighed the bad… tenfold. Since it’s fresh in my mind, I thought I would share some pros/cons for executing a last-minute adventure as a family.

Planning Our Last Minute NYC Trip

It was Thanksgiving weekend, so the first thing we did was get all the tickets for things we wanted to do, in advance. This part is KEY. Especially on a holiday weekend, you don’t want to stand in MORE lines than you need to and/or get the kids excited to do something only to find it sold out. This way you know you have them, and you can be in the moment for even more spontaneous adventure.

*NOTE: This could be a con, if you have to cancel.. they are likely to be non-refundable.

Using this method we got tickets to see the Rockettes, which we all loved! We did a beautiful carriage ride through Central Park, I think this was the girls’ favorite thing. 

Things Happen – The Memories are What Counts!

Our main bump in the road was Nahla getting sick! Ugh, poor thing, she was a trooper and the only thing we missed out on, was the ice skating.

We have been very fortunate that the girls haven’t gotten sick on past trips. But, Go figure, not this time. If I am being totally honest – I freaked out. Nahla’s fever spiked pretty high, and it was on the train ride there… So, I called the hotel, and they said they had an urgent care doctor that they could send to our room when we arrived. It was, obviously, more expensive than we would have liked… but her fever was too high to not see a doctor. Finding urgent care and getting in to see someone would’ve taken the whole day and honestly would’ve still been pretty pricey. In the end, she just ended up having a virus, but I felt so much better knowing it wasn’t anything serious and that she didn’t require antibiotics. With some rest and fever reducer, she was able to enjoy at least one NYC adventure day of our trip. Truthfully, I was really worried – but if you think about it, most kids just LOVE hotel life. It’s adventure enough for them for a day. So, it wasn’t so bad for her, relaxing in the hotel room and getting room service and cuddling up in bed with me. The main take-away is, even with a major con, we still made so many wonderful memories… and the adults got to feel spontaneous 🙂 

I have mentioned to you guys before that NYC is a special place for Khalil and I, so I was nervous about how the experience would be with the twins in tow. Truth is, yes it was different, but also so much fun and we got exceptional family time in. Khalil and I were still able to enjoy a cocktail at the bar, we lucked out with dinner reservations at IE, the Tommy Bahama restaurant was a gem with the kiddos, and we even hit a couple of stores for some shopping. The smiles on the girls’ faces, all over FAO Scwarz and candy stores were priceless! (WARNING- it will be the most expensive stuffed animal you have ever seen HAHA ) Just seeing NYC through their eyes was so cool. Even with the sickness, and the long train ride, they still asked us when we got home if New York could be a tradition we do every year. I mean, how cute is that!?!

What about you guys? How do you feel about last-minute trips now that you’ve got little ones?



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