My top Valentines Day Gifts for the Women in your life

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Hey hey! Can you guys believe we are already two weeks into January!?! I am in awe of how quickly time passes us by, like, for real… it’s so crazy. Remember when you were a kid, and it felt like each day was an eternity!?! Ahhh… the good ole’ days.

Anyway, I am getting off-topic before I have even shared the topic. Ha. Today, what I wanted to discuss… is Valentine’s Day!!! You may already know I am a sucker for gifts … it is one of my top two love languages! (Missed that post? Check it ☞ HERE☜) So, of course, I am all about Heart Day! I swear, I could list like a bazillion gift ideas that would help you with your shopping… But, ya know… I have twins to care for. So I will go ahead and ONLY share with you my top picks!

Here goes….

For the Beauty Lovers:

❤︎ Mini beauty fridge– Guys, I know I have already talked about this holy grail of mine… (☞HERE☜) but I swear… it is a little slice of heaven for your face. I keep all of my masks, jade roller, and vitamin C inside. I LOVE THIS – and the beauty lover in your life will too! 

❤︎ Kylie Cosmetics– LIP KITS. Okay, it’s no secret that I am obsessed with all her stuff, I am such an OG Kylie fan – it’s madness. For real though, I have been buying these lip kits since the original day-one-launch. They are so good. She always has the cutest collections for Holidays. So, keep checking the website and Insta for her V-day bundles this year… They are always the best value and colors. 

❤︎ Personalized Perfume- This Louis Vuitton perfume is my jam. Not only is it the most dreamy scent ever, but you can get the bottle engraved! Which just makes it that much more special and perfect for gifting. 

❤︎ SLIP – Pillowcase– This one might sound a little funny but I am telling you it has been a game-changer for my hair and skin. It is like sleeping on butter. Creases on your face… never again?!? It’s worth the price and makes such a good gift!

For the girl who loves to be cozy:

❤︎ SKIMS Cotton Collection- If you follow me on the ‘gram you know that I live in these sets! So, of course, if you know a girl that is into being as comfortable as possible… this would be a great gift. The tanks and boxer shorts are the perfect loungewear that you can feel sexy and cozy in. LOVE! She also has a cozy collection which takes cozy to the next level… I haven’t gotten mine yet, but I imagine you can’t go wrong with a little extra snuggle in loungewear. 

For the Fashionistas: 

❤︎ Uncommon James- Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry line has the cutest stuff. I love that everything is such great quality, super trendy, and super affordable. I wear this ear cuff on repeat. I also love this necklace and this ring.

❤︎ Lele Sadoghi– If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, her headbands are super cool! It is such a statement piece. They are superb quality and can take any outfit to the next level. Especially if you are on a non-hair wash day, which let’s be real, is me on the daily! Haha it can take a not so good hair day… to… “Dannng who is that??” You get the point. They are great. Totally worth it. 

❤︎ David Yurman– I know, I know, I know… His stuff is pricey. So maybe not a good fit if it’s like… your first Valentine’s Day and you only met three months ago. It’s more a gift for a significant anniversary or maybe something like the first Valentine’s day after you had a baby… Khalil got me these earrings last year that I LOVE and the rings are also gorgeous!!! It’s the kind of jewelry a mother passes down to her children. <3 

Techy Ladies and Busy Moms: 

❤︎ AirPods – Honestly, this gift would be great for anyone. They are so convenient. As a busy mom who is always multitasking, they are so MONEY!!! I seriously don’t know how I survived before I had them. No more trying to hold the phone with one hand and push a shopping cart with the other… or wearing headphones and getting them ripped out when you walk to close to the corner of anything! 

 For the HGTV Sweetheart:

❤︎ Voluspa candles – Who doesn’t love when their house smells delicious!? I am a total candle person and have been hooked on the baltic amber from Voluspa FOREVER. A while back I was thinking about how fast I had been going through these, thinking, there had to be a better way. Wouldn’t you know it, that there is a  5 wick option! I figured it would be a solid investment… I mean at 250 burning hours it just made sense, right!?! Not to mention it is so pretty to look at… Well, cut to over a year later and I can confirm that I was NOT disappointed. I have fully converted to the 5-wick forever, and I am not going back.

❤︎ Venus E/T Fleur flowers– This just screams… “Valentine’s Day!”.. doesn’t it!? I love these arrangements so much. If the lady you are buying for is the type that likes to keep fresh flowers in the house, then one of these boxes would be a killer gift. I know the price is hard to swallow, but if she buys fresh flowers regularly, it will save money in the long run. I kid you not, I have a smaller one that I have had for over a year and it still smells SO good! They last FOREVER and look incredibly chic in the house!

There you have it! I could go on, but those are my faves! I hope this helps save you some time racking your brain for that perfect, loving, gift:)

I would love to hear about your favorite gift ideas as well?? Any good go-tos?!



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