Master Party Planning Checklist

by Courtney El-Ghoul

So, party planning has taken over my life, for all of 2020 so far… not even slightly exaggerating that. So, I figured, I might as well share with you guys some of my best party planning tips. Need to plan a Kids Party, Holiday Party, or a Client Appreciation Event. Don’t fret I’ve got you covered 🙂

Party Planning Checklist

1.) Vision Board- The first thing I do when I am starting to brainstorm about an event or party is to hit up Pinterest. I am not by any means Pinterest obsessed, but when it comes to planning parties it is perfect. You can create a board, and just start gathering ideas. Maybe you see an invitation style you love, the cake you want at your kids’ party, or a drink that will be perfect for your Holiday party. PIN IT. 

2.) Secure Your Venue– If it’s not happening at your home, be sure to find, reserve, and visit, of course, the space you want to throw the event or party at least a month or so in advance. There is nothing like being a week out and realizing the space you picked can’t accommodate your guests, or it just won’t work with what you have planned. I am learning this lesson with the girls’ birthday party this year… We invited 40 kids!! Guess it comes with the territory…  twins in two different classrooms. 

3.) Entertainment– If you are planning a kid party or any special event where kids will be attending… You can’t go wrong with a bouncy house, petting zoo, or in our case a local kids magician! Stay tuned for the girl’s bday post to hear all about our guy. Honestly, it may sound like it’s being extra,  but the reality is that it isn’t that expensive for the return you get! Even a face painter or balloon artist will do the trick. 

2nd Birthday crowns via Etsy:)

4.) Decorations- Depending on your theme, a little decor goes a long way with any party. Etsy and Amazon are your best friends, especially for Party Bundles. I could’ve spent hours on Etsy for the girls’ birthday party. You can really find anything, and it’s so affordable. Need table setting ideas? Fresh flowers will always spice up any table setting. If you love the look of flowers but want to save money, Baby’s breath is super inexpensive and looks so nice on its own in a pretty vase.

Christmas Party

5.) Invites– Again if you want to be super into your theme, Etsy has so many cute paper invites. For me, Paperless Post is my go-to. It looks super professional and the platform is so user-friendly. Canva is also a great option.

6.)  Catering – I mentioned this in my Holiday party post, but I think having parties catered is so much easier. Again, so many options.  I mean pretty much anywhere has catering options – from Whole Foods to your Local restaurants… Save yourself the stress! If you are having a fancy party at your home, I love the idea of an in house chef who will whip up some appetizers. I tried to do this for our last Holiday party but I waited too long. So sad. Around the Holidays they will be booked most weekends so you’ve got to plan if you are going that route. With Nahla being GF/DF I can’t just order pizza, so I had to get more creative for their b-day party this year.

OH! And how could I forget, gotta have a good playlist! Music is so important. If it’s an evening party you are hosting make sure the lighting is on point as well!

Galentines Party:)

Okay, I feel like I could go on and on, but I will stop for now. I will follow up with a more specific post about the girls Birthday Party this year! It is going to be such fun, if I do say so myself:) I have been party planning like crazy for their big day!!!

On a side note, for us throwing a party at our house always motivates us to get more things done in regards to home improvement! Whether it’s the organization, furniture placement, or just something you have been putting off doing!

What about you guys, any tips you have for planning the ultimate party??



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