Love Birds: How Khalil & I Met

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Recently, there have been a ton of new readers coming to the blog and I couldn’t be more excited! HEY FRIENDS! If you are new you should know in advance that I get off topic regularly and I love (parentheses thoughts)  Ok, back on track… So, I have been trying to brainstorm how I could reintroduce my family to our new friends and that would still be fun for those of you who have been with us for a while now…Hmm? 

Then, I thought, with our 10th anniversary coming up… why not start with the story of how Khalil and I met… Everyone loves a love story! Right?! So, that’s what I am gonna do. (The real question is… Should I embarrass Khalil and bring out some old photos?) I mean, I do have to give you guys the complete “picture”… Right?! 

Ok, OK… back to the story…

How My Husband and I Met

For the new folks who don’t know. Khalil and I are college sweethearts. (Insert: awwwwwwwe) We met when we were both undergrads at George Mason University, pretty classic. I will start this story by telling you something about my husband. Khalil is and has been since the day I met him…an entrepreneur. He sees opportunities like no one else and has the energy and intelligence to see how to turn any opportunity into a profitable business. He literally can’t help it.

So moving onto the story. How we met is pretty classic, but the surrounding circumstances are what makes it hilarious. 

Like I hinted at – Khalil’s entrepreneurial drive was already in full effect by the time we were in school. He was a social butterfly who was constantly promoting an event and/or throwing a party of his own. He was 100% “that guy” on campus. Looking back, you could say that he was the popular frat guy and a total ladies man, for sure. I was a small-town girl who loved tanning booths, dark eyeliner, and colored contacts. (go ahead, you can giggle) 

Halloween Party, Pretty sure Khalil was channeling Kanye with the pink polo.

SO, one night my sorority sisters and I were going to a fraternity party… you know where this is going. Wouldn’t you know it, but who else would have been throwing this party and greeting all the ladies as they arrived… You guessed it, Khalil 🙂 There he was with the backwards hat, sleeveless shirt ( he loved showing off his arms), and too cool for school look. I thought to myself – this guy is so full of himself. None the less I found myself talking to him for like 5 minutes, tops. After that, my friends and I were on our way to the next party.  The following week he had one of his fraternity brothers come find me on campus to give me his AIM screen name. ( Yes. Guys, I am that old) Instant messenger was the jam when we were in college. Anyway, I tried to play it cool and I was all… “This guy can’t even talk to me himself???” 

College Days;)
The original backwards cap with the white Tee:)

Fast forward… I gave in. I know I know, but the arms were nice… ha. We started chatting a bit on Instant Messenger. THEN, the next time I saw him I could tell… He didn’t remember my name!? He tried to smooth it over by calling me “pretty eyes.” I wanted to roll my “pretty eyes” but… I fell for it, ha. I finally (it didn’t take long)  gave in and agreed to start going out on a few dates with him… Dates? Kind of? It was college and we were broke so a “date” was like hanging in my dorm room or meeting him at whatever party he was promoting… 

I had so much fun going through these old photos

Once we started getting to know each other, I realized I had been all wrong. As soon as I started to get to know him it was like… sure, he had fun, and was good at throwing/promoting parties. But, he wasn’t doing it to be cool or get girls; he also had to pay the bills. He was paying for school, clothes, food, and everything … on his own. Even when we were in school, doing that on a minimum wage job that cut into class time, it wasn’t an option. (we aren’t THAT old, school was expensive!) Anyway… I learned all of this and was totally hooked. It was so unexpected because we were sooo different! I mean, here I was this little girl from the smallest town on the planet suddenly head over heels for this Palestinian guy who couldn’t have had a more contrasting upbringing. He always tells me it was love at first sight for him, which I will always raise an eyebrow at, but I will never get tired of hearing. I guess the old saying really does mean something in our case… opposites attract!

OH – I have to include this part! 

SO, you know the thing you do once you are in a serious relationship…  where you talk about “when you REALLY knew you were in love with each other?” Well, when asked,  we both will agree on this part of our story. And, it is hilarious.

Instantly we say that we truly fell in love on a SPRING BREAK trip to the Caribbean. Another one of Khalil’s college business endeavors(there were many). It was one of these group trips that if you organize everything, your trip is free. He was broke, so what better incentive. He ended up putting together this WILD Jamaican adventure for like, 25 of us. I kid you not, once again that ambitious mind of his making moves and getting things done. Not only did he pull it off, but I am not kidding when I say that some of our friends STILL regularly talk about that trip, to this day. We had the time of our lives. It was romantic, exhilarating, and (looking back) probably super dangerous. Haha. I can’t even believe my mom let me go. (I hope she isn’t reading this!) I for sure remember jumping off of cliffs, partying a little too much, and taking some risky cab rides. Not to mention I was wearing zero sunscreen and straight-up baking in the sun. You wonder where my skincare obsession came from… probably recovering from that trip. Even the place we stayed at was a little sketchy, but hey, here we are 15 years later going strong.

And there you have it, the love story of the El-Ghoul’s. 

What about you guys?? Would love to hear your love stories!!



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Barbara K. March 1, 2020 - 2:34 pm

This is the cutest love story! I can totally see Khalil as college frat boy. I’m am not surprised he was hustling from a young age and sounds like he picked a winner. ❤️ Cracking up about the “pretty eyes” story, lol


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