Love Languages

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Let’s talk about LOVE! Well, the 5-Love Languages that is…I have been wanting to write about this because it’s something that I struggle with, and have to think about ALL the time. Khalil and I are about to hit the big 10 year anniversary mark, insert applause 😉 Haha and let me tell you marriage is hard work! Which brings me to my point, even after 10 years of marriage I still have work to do on myself to make me a better wife and mother to my kids. 

8 year anniversary

If you haven’t read the book The five love languages I highly recommend it, even if you have, for me it’s helpful to go back and read it when I feel myself reverting to old habits. It’s human nature to get stuck in your ways and be hesitant to a new way of thinking. I get it, that is a struggle I face every day. My love languages are “Quality Time” & “Receiving Gifts.” I mean, the gifts one was a given… don’t we all love a great present;) Seriously though, it’s not even about the actual gift. A handwritten card alone will make my day. Spending quality time together, just the two of us, and also as a family is so important to me. The other languages I don’t really relate to. I often wonder if the way we grew up is a factor for our language. Growing up in my family, giving cards on every holiday or special occasion was just how we did it – and it was really important and exciting.

New Years Eve 2018

 Khalil and I differ so we both have to work on this constantly, and be quick to communicate with each other if we aren’t getting the things we need. Especially now after having kids. Man, does that change things. You thought it was rough before, I feel like kids add a whole new level of stress to any marriage. If your marriage wasn’t strong before kids, it’s going to be a wild ride after. You now have other lives to focus on, plus pay attention to your spouses’ needs. It’s a balance for sure.

I do believe that this book opens up your mind, and you realize how important communication is and how normal it is to have different needs in a relationship. You just have to come together and respect that you aren’t going to always be on the same page or want the same things. Anyway, I am rambling now… I guess I just really want to own how hard it is to change your way of thinking and be conscious of your spouse’s needs. I have to always check myself and go back to this book for reference.

What about you guys? Is this something you struggle with? Was this book helpful for you?

XO Courtney

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