Lash Lift: My Experience

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, I have been dying of excitement waiting to fill you guys in on this lash lift that I got. I wanted to wait the full six weeks that it is supposed to last to give you the most honest feedback, but that’s a long time to contain the excitement! But, after having a horrific reaction to my lash extensions in the past I wanted to review the entire experience. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in suspense! Drum roll, please… I am obsessed! I have zero complaints!

Here goes… the full rundown on what a lash lift is, and how it all went down 🙂

All About My Lash Lift Experience

What is a Lash Lift?

Let’s first talk about what a lash lift even is. I have been hearing about them for a while, but after my lash extension reaction, I was super nervous to try it. The nice thing is, it honestly isn’t very complicated. Just like I wear skims to lift my butt… this is like the beauty equivalent for my lashes! haha. The lash lift almost instantly lifts and separates your lashes. My lashes are decent in length, but they seriously grow straight out. The lift gave them that perfect curl without the hassle of having to use an eyelash curler or deal with mascara. You will look so much more awake and refreshed. I even feel like it made my eyes look bigger, which I LOVE. 

The Lash Lift Process

Okay, on to the process. I went to Dekalash in the Mosaic District, and Giselle was my technician. First of all, the studio is super cute and the chairs are very comfortable. I got my 30-minute power nap for the day while I was there. I arrived a little nervous and Giselle was super sweet and eased my mind by explaining the whole process to me. She assured me that if at any time I had questions or felt uncomfortable, to let her know and we would stop. If you are super sensitive like me they can always do a patch test first to check in advance if you will have any skin reactions.

The whole process took about 35 minutes from start to finish – way faster than extensions! First, they prep and clean the lashes and then they apply the solution and use these funny rods to hold your lashes in place, like a mini-perm. I thought maybe the rods they used to hold my lashes in place would be uncomfortable, but honestly, it didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t have any burning with the solution, which was a really pleasant surprise. The solution does have a bit of that old school perm smell, which I was warned about in advance. But hey, a little funky smell is well worth the result, if you ask me!

When we were all done, and I looked in the mirror, and I was honestly so shocked at what a difference it made! I couldn’t believe those were my real lashes. LOVE LOVE! So, anyway I was instantly obsessed, but I wanted to wait and see if it lasted before I gave it a full review! Well, here I am 6 weeks later, and I am just starting to wear mascara again! It even held up through a week sailing through the British Virgin Islands, the beach winds, salt water, and #twinmom life! Yayyyyy! A few people have asked how it compares to getting lash extensions… and I can say that I like it better for everyday wear. I can touch my eyes and take a normal shower! With the extensions that always bothered me! I am 100 percent doing it again, and next time I am also going to a lash tint! My lashes are dark, but not black, so I feel like adding the tint will make it more dramatic. I will fill you guys in after, of course!


Caring For Your Lash Lift

After Care – I almost forgot to share the instructions for after. Probably because it is so easy! Just don’t get them wet for 24-hours! Skip the mascara, serums, and oils for at least 24 hours, and you will be good. I mean I wouldn’t go crazy rubbing my eyeballs, but it’s nothing like how careful I had to be with the lash extensions. Full disclosure, I didn’t get them wet for almost a full 48, but they will tell you 24 hours at a minimum.

Pro tip- I told you guys before that I use a Lash Serum a couple of times a week, for maintaining my length and volume… and if you do as well, you can still use it! Combined with the lift it makes for even more full gorgeous lashes! 

What about you guys? Have you tried it?

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