Laser Hair Removal : My Experience!

by Courtney El-Ghoul

OK, just hear me out for a second. I want to talk about laser hair removal. Now, I would not consider myself chewbacca, but I have pretty dark hair, not just on my head…. I think you  probably realize where I am going with this. I’ve had to shave go-to areas everyday for my entire life… legs, armpits, and bikini. Then I had twins and my days are not my own. I do not have the luxury of long showers and perfectly lathered shaving cream. I just need to be clean, presentable, and I’d like to not be prickly. Things needed to get simplified and more efficient. 

Before this time in my life I would have cringed just thinking about a stranger taking a laser to my body… never mind the sensitive areas. That must hurt right? What if they accidentally burn me and not only do I still have to shave, but im left with a massive scar?! … and honestly, I really hate embarrassing myself so I’d really rather not cry in pain while there is a stranger cozied up with a laser in my armpit. Don’t get me wrong, I still had this tailspin freak-out… but the risk of turning into an unshaven prickly pear… was scarier than the laser. 

As it turns out… my fears were completely unfounded! I mean… it didn’t feel AMAZING – but I certainly wasn’t writhing in pain. I can not believe how many hours of life I could have saved if I had just done this earlier. I did the three big ones – legs, under arms, and brazillian. The time and stress saved has far surpassed my expectations.

You know when you’re taking your kids to the beach or pool? You run around like crazy just trying to get them in their suits, put on sunscreen, find hats, pack snacks, grab the toys. Repeating “yes you need shoes – please put on your hat” as you try to put your own suit on in two seconds so you can run out the door… then you look in the mirror and realize you look like the wooly mammoths younger sister? Yea… that doesn’t happen to me any more. ! It is amazing!

The other reservation I had and have heard from many others, is the cost. I won’t tell you it is the least costly investment you’ll make… but it is just that. An investment. For me, I looked at how much I was spending on waxing, razors, having cream, and time… and it has worked out that it will not only save me time but also money in the long run. 

On that same note – I was told it would take around five sessions for me to be hair-free in the desired areas. In reality I went for three sessions and haven’t needed to return since. So I only actually spent 60% of what I expected!

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