Introducing the El-Ghoul Twins: Part 1: Nahla

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, so I wouldn’t be “Twin Latte” without our twins. So, this week I want to introduce you to Nahla and Ava – The El-Ghoul girls. Our spirited, fun-loving, and exhausting little ladies who are truly amazing. I thought about introducing them as a pair… But man, are they different. So I think it makes more sense to introduce them individually.  

Since Nahla is the eldest, by one minute, it seems fair that she goes first. Right?? 🙂 

Nahla El-Ghoul

My littlest love, in size, is tiny Nahlie pooh. Nahlie, we love nicknames in our house, in case you were wondering. She is just the sweetest thing. She loves being a care-taker and is just an old soul to her core. She is always looking out for her sister and really anyone she is around. Her teachers tell me she is like the class mom. She has creativity and maturity that is a little outsized for a typical 4-year-old.   Sometimes, when I listen to her, I just can’t believe she is only FOUR?! Her imagination and the stories that she tells are so freaking cute. Lately, her favorite thing to do is to have me tell her a story so that she can act it out while I am telling it. It usually goes a little something like this…  

Nahla:  “Mom, I need you to tell me a story. The one where I am a princess riding my horse in a scary forest because a mean bear is chasing us.”

Me: “What is your horse’s name?”

Nahla: “Mom, I’ve told you like 20 times before. Her name is Bellaaaaa!”  (In her most like … Duh, Mom Voice.)

Me: Oh,  sorry I forgot haha. 

Nahla: “It is ok. Just keep going. Where is the bear?  Is he getting closer?! Nooo!!! He is going to eat us!!!”  This is, of course, accompanied by the most dramatic arm movements you have ever seen. 

The whole time I am just dying trying not to laugh. She will even ask me to pause so that I can modify the story to include a break so that her horse and the mean bear can drink some water. I could seriously go on for hours. She is super imaginative, creative, and tender-hearted.

She loves animals, coloring, singing, dancing, and playing the piano. Perhaps, I have a future performer on my hands??? She hates chocolate (who even is she?!?), is not a fan of outdoor sports, hates bedtime, and doesn’t like to be alone. She is the polar opposite of her sister Ava, but you know, it works out.

Nahla’s Favorite Things To Do

As soon as Nahla gets home from school, it is no brainer that the first thing she is doing is changing into a dress with heels. She doesn’t skip a beat. I seriously die of laughter. We will have been home for two minutes, and I hear the clip-clopping coming down the hall. What can I say, I guess she gets that trait from her momma? Who doesn’t love a bit of glam and a hot pair of stilettos?! Her sister Ava is who doesn’t. HAHA. More on her in the next post…

For such a tiny girl who is so positive mentally, the past few years have been an uphill batter for her, physically. (Read more ☞ HERE) Her little digestive system wasn’t working properly, and we had to try everything,  just to figure out why. She was so patient through the trial and (so many) errors. Eventually, we discovered that by eliminating Gluten and Dairy, we could solve all of her tummy troubles. We are so blessed that she has taken on this change like a total champ. I mean this diet change has been a lot of work and super hard and really, she never complains. Just one more thing that makes her so special.

Anyway, she is a super cool little chick, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Would love to hear differences in my fellow twin parents kiddos? Do you have one that seems to be more of an old soul?



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