How to Shop for Twins That Aren’t Your Own

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Here I am, with only Christmas gift-giving thoughts running through my head. Every year family and friends always seem to struggle with gifts for the twins. I think it’s the “twin” thing that throws them off. Your instinct is to think “OH, matching outfits, of course! The cutest!” Or maybe get them the same matching ponies or dolls. Always, with the matchy-matchy. Look, I get it, I would do the same thing If I didn’t have twins. I think it’s pretty normal to imagine they might dress the same or because they are the same age so they are into similar things, obviously if they are boy/girl it’s easier but same-sex it is tough. I think if you were getting gifts for two 5-year-old girls who weren’t twins – it might even be safe to get them the same doll. But, with twins, I think their differences are even more magnified. But don’t stress… I’ve got some advice that I think will help. 

always in her princess dress and shoes:)

Tips for Shopping Fo Twins

The first rule of thumb, get them different things, always. Even when the girls were babies I didn’t want two of the same thing. It’s cute sometimes, but I think it’s so important to let them start to figure out their separate identities as soon as possible. Trust me, I have been talking with you guys about the twin rivalry for a few weeks now. It will show itself, soon enough. So, being invested in learning what they like as individuals, is a great start… Their parents will be grateful. 

my future photographer

3 Great Options for Twin Gifts

  1. Books – Always a great safe choice! No matter what the age. Get them each a different one, that you think suits them personally. They can read to each other or trade when they finish reading theirs. Our girls both LOVE to read, which we are so happy about [here are some of their favorite books!].
  2. Age appropriate activities, puzzles, and games are awesome! Some great ones are meant to be fun and educational. Bonus points if they can be used alone or done with each other.
  3. If you want to go the outfit route, I say, do different looks. Then they can mix match, and take turns wearing them… more opportunities for sharing vs competition [here are some of our twins’ best looks!]
The girls love these floor puzzles

The older my girls get, the more they appreciate not getting the same thing their twin sister has. For example, Nahla is totally into the whole princess thing. I mean, so much so, that she puts on her princess heels when she wakes up in the morning, and as soon as she gets home from school. haha Oh my, it is hilarious. Ava, on the other hand, could care less about that stuff. She is more into technology, like, she wants a watch and a phone… just like mine:) 

Point being – if your shopping for twins, no matter what the age, in my opinion, a different present for each one is a win-win. But, this is my own experience as a twin parent. If the twins you are buying for like having everything the same, that’s awesome. Whatever makes life easier, right!? Ask the parent – they will know if matching, or not, is best. The bottom line is everyone loves feeling special, and it teaches them to share & appreciate something different than what they may have wanted.

I hope this was helpful for anyone shopping for twins this year!

Any other feedback on Christmas gifts from other twin parents?



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