Holiday Makeup: Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, so I started the week by talking to you guys about all my favorite Holiday outfits, but, we can’t just forget about the makeup… right!? I tend to keep my makeup looks mostly the same for daily wear. I’m a mom, it only makes sense. I am not one to go full glam that often, but… more power to you guys that can make that happen! I love makeup and have no problem admitting when I do commit to spending some real time on it. Because I enjoy it and I always feel so good when I can take some “me-time”! That being said – I have to be realistic in that even when I want to, I just don’t have the time to go full-on GLAM! 

Now, with that bit of honestly… Let us move into the now… to the Holiday season! The time of year that I like to think of as the PERFECT excuse to spend a little extra time in the mirror – and bust-out-the-glitter 🙂 I take it as the best opportunity to get creative with my looks and do things outside of my comfort zone. I highly recommend this outlook on holiday makeup. Maybe you can try that super bold red lipstick you are always about to wear… but then you change your mind. If you are normally a matte person, go all out on the glitter or go nuts with your highlight… and everyone should at least try out a new glittery eyeshadow.

Honestly, there are so many cool looks you can go for. You can even switch them up with each party. If you are like nope I don’t do glitter, play up a super smokey eye with a nice fuchsia lipstick (obsessed). Ever done a full-on, drama wielding, bold cat eye? DO IT (set aside some time – the first one takes a minute but it’s so worth it) If your not great with liquid liner, this Tom Ford one is BOMB! So easy, and worth the splurge.

Holiday Make Up Tips

Another simple thing I like to do with Holiday Makeup all season is using bolder colored shadows. Outside of December – it’s very unlikely that you’ll see me rocking a gorgeous emerald green or blue shadow. Any other time of year I stick with my nudes, but remember, we are using the holiday season as an epic excuse to try different looks. Play around with silvers and golds, you can be festive with your eye makeup, I mean this is the perfect opportunity. This one by Too Faced would be awesome to mix it up.

If you read my eyelash extension post, you will know I am allergic to them – and it is DEVASTATING. Obviously, that doesn’t stop me from being obsessed with regular faux eyelashes though, they are my jam! I love house of lashes, they are great quality lashes, and their glue is the bomb. If you never wear lashes, get some! Go with the glam ones, again this is the time to experiment, have some fun with it. 

Lastly, don’t forget your body glow! No one will judge if you are as sparkly as a Christmas ornament! Haha, This is the time to go big on the body shimmer. As I mentioned in my Holiday outfit post, any area you have skin showing feel free to add some glitz. It washes off so easily and I haven’t found any glitter remnants left on my clothes or furniture. 

I would love to hear your holiday makeup faves? Any trends your loving this year?



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