Healthy Hair Tips: What Has Worked For Me

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Hi guys!

Can you believe summer is almost over!?! I always find that my hair needs a quick reboot at the end of summer. Even though this summer has been… different, to say the least. I am sure some of you may still have been to the beach, added some highlights, or just been swimming. We all know pool chemicals and sunshine can do a number on our hair.

So, here goes…

My Top 5 Health Hair Tips!

Tip 1: Washing Less is Best

I only wash my hair once a week, I know some of us can’t go that long or just don’t want to but I am telling you, over-washing really does strip your hair of the natural moisture it needs. Stripping these oils inevitably leads to breakage and will dry out your scalp. Investing in a good dry shampoo will make all the difference so you can go more days. I am currently using this one from Oribe, which I love.

Tip 2: Use Less Heat

Look, I totally get wanting that awesome blowout, and needing my flat iron when my hair is just not cooperating, but reducing the heat you put on your hair will for sure make it healthier. I noticed that for myself just with getting extensionsI saw a major difference. Before the extensions, I was putting so much heat on my hair, and now, I let it air dry way more. It’s amazing how much better it really is. I also like to sleep with it in a loose braid so I wake up with some heat free waves. Just add a texturizing spray in the morning, and you’ll have that fun beachy look. If you are like nope, not for me, gotta use a blow dryer just make sure you are using a heat protector, this is the one I use.

Tip 3: Weekly Mask & Scalp Treatment

Having a healthy scalp makes all the difference! Keeping the hair follicles clean will help prevent the blockage which can make your hair thinner over time. I am currently using this one from living proof and this one also has good reviews. Try to get in a habit of doing a hair mask once a week, just like you should do for your skin. I also have this one and recently started putting this coconut oil on my ends. It is so good! My hair is super soft after.

Tip 4: Collagen/ hair vitamin

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been raving about the liquid collagen I have been taking! This stuff is like liquid gold in a bottle. It’s good for everything, skin, joints, nails, but I swear I see new hair growth and have a lot of baby hairs coming in. I have been taking it for 3 months, and I started noticing changes about 6 weeks in. I have also been taking this hair vitamin for about a month, I will keep you posted, but so far I really like it.

Tip 5: H20

Drink plenty of water!!!! If you need to be reminded of how much you are drinking, get a bottle like this one that shows the amounts. 

Oh, BONUS TIP, this serum from Kerastase is my go-to finishing touch for shine. I have been using it for years. I love it, plus it smells amazing!

What about you guys, any other tips that work for you?



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