Halloween Traditions

by Courtney El-Ghoul

With Halloween right around the corner, of course, it’s been on my mind! Oh, the magic of scrambling around at the last minute for a costume… the true joys of parenting, ha. I try to plan ahead, I really do. The past two years though, the girls change their mind approximately 1000 times before picking what they want to dress up as! Seriously, I am always down to the wire because I try to wait until they are consistent for at least a solid week before I commit to purchasing something. It doesn’t help that each year Khalil and I get more and more into the idea of taking the girls’ idea and making it into a whole full-family themed costume. It’s so funny to see Khalil get into it now, especially because he has never been a fan of Halloween. Man, do kids change you! Really, I could never convince him to dress up with me, even when we were in college, he hated it. Each year since the girls have come into our lives he is more into it, I swear… it is the best thing ever. These little girls have got their dad wrapped right around their indecisive little fingers lol 

I will of course share with you guys our photos as the years have passed so you can see the progression for yourselves.

Halloween Costumes

1st Halloween

But dressing up aside Halloween has become a holiday with which we are WAY MORE into than we would’ve expected. But, in just four years, we have made so many traditions around this one. We are totally a Halloween family, who would’ve thought!? We do pumpkin carving, of course, we bake yummy treats the week of Halloween (this year GF/DF), The town of Vienna’s Halloween Parade, Halloween crafting (target dollar spot is the best for this), Halloween pajamas, Halloween books. The girls have gotten into decorating their own room, we decorate outside as a family, and of course… Trick or Treating! I also think that next year I want to start hosting a small Halloween party for them and their school friends at our house! I think that it will be so cute. I mean, I do love hosting a good themed party 😉 I told them for sure we can add that to our traditions next year when they are 5.

Tips for Halloween Costume Shopping

A few tips on shopping for costumes, since I am usually last minute.

  1. Amazon is, of course, a winner. The prime alone is worth it. I got all of our costumes from here this year, they always have a huge selection. You name it, you will likely find it.
  2. Pottery Barn- Always so cute! They are pricey but will last forever. The girls still use them playing dress-up at home a year later.
  3. Chasing Fireflies– The cutest pajamas! I got them these skeleton ones this year. They have family-themed as well.
  4. Gap Kids & Target always have a decent selection of Halloween Pajamas as well. I feel like they sell out of sizes quickly, so grab them early if you can.
  5. Home Goods is also a great option. You may not think of this one for costumes, but sometimes they have really cute ones. I got the girls’ unicorn costumes there last year. They were seriously the cutest.

 Anyway, the twins have been really into Aladdin this year so that is our family theme! Make sure you are following along @twin_latte to get the first glimpse at how the costume came together… Spoiler Alert: Ava is obsessed with her Abu the monkey costume, to say the least.

My next hiccup is making sure I have stocked the house with GF/DF candy for Nahla. I told her we could trade out anything she gets Trick-or-Treating she can’t have with a GF/DF option we have at home.

Halloween, we are so ready for you!

What about you guys? Do you find yourself more into Halloween because of your kiddos, any favorite traditions? 



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