Going Back to Work After Being a Stay At Home Mom?!

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, so if you have been following me for a bit you may already know that I left my decade long career in new home sales, to stay at home with the girls. Now, five years later, Kindergarten is quickly approaching, ( I can’t believe how fast the girls have grown- ugh).

Tangent – It’s so funny how desperately you want those sleepless nights to pass as fast as possible, and then *boom* you’re like… “Um, wait… what?! slow down!” How in the world are they so big, so fast, like, how???

Anyway, back on track… So, with Kindergarten looming and the idea that I will have extra time soon, dangling in front of me… I have been toying around with the idea of maybe going back to work, part-time? Maybe? Hmmmm? It’s such a tough decision. I really did love my old job, but, I have to be honest with myself. It was super demanding. I had to work every weekend with late, unpredictable hours. If I went back, my time with the girls would be significantly less, and I have no idea how I would handle all their commitments. Who would I even find to be their driver, haha? In the same breath though… who can argue with having two incomes? Feeling like I am contributing financially, AND… getting to having conversations with adults, daily!? Even thinking about this makes me reflect on how my life has totally changed in the past three years. Going back to work would be so weird!!!

Thinking about going back to work

At this point, I just am not sure what I want to do! Since I have done both I feel I can confidently say that being a stay-at-home-mom truly is a full-time job. It is no joke. What I can’t figure out is – what does it look like when the girls go to a full day of school and I gain 6+ hours in my day? I guess I just need to brainstorm what would work best for our family? Interested in going on that journey with me? 

Where To Work?

One of the most flexible and appealing options would be for me to start working with Khalil. We have been talking about this idea A LOT! Khalil needs to hire someone, and soon – his business is full-on booming – which is a great problem to have. Looking at it logistically makes perfect sense. He is in real estate – so I am already familiar with the industry and how things work. Yay for a low learning curve! Also – it would only be 2-3 days a week, during the day, so I can still be with the girls, and… be ALL IN with the blog! No matter what someone is getting hired, so why not me? So you may be like … “Um, Courtney, what are you waiting for??”

I am trying to meticulously consider all of the potentials of this equation before I dive in. Normally, if I were considering working this closely with someone I would have to consider – is this a good personality match? Obviously, Khalil is great, he is my husband and I love him, ha. Isn’t being married different though? I know it’s got its own set of challenges that make it tough. So, adding in working together… what does that even look like??? I know there are so many husband/wife teams that really are awesome and work so well together but honestly, I am scared!!! I don’t want to disappoint him, or for us to argue… you get the point. The only logistical thing is that I would still have to figure out after school care for the girls on those days. It would take some rearranging but I could totally do it, right ?? 

Whew… *WOW*… Thanks for going down that rabbit hole with me. 🙂 

So, already just a couple of days into 2020, and things are changing!!! Maybe this could be really good for me!? We shall see!

What about you guys? Thoughts on working part-time after being a SAHM? If so, how was the transition? How about working with your spouse? Any advice?

I will keep you guys posted on my decision of course!



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