Getting Organized Again! Pantry Refresh Edition

by Courtney El-Ghoul

I get so happy when I am freshly organized, like for real, legit giddy! Who feels me on this!?

I know I have already talked to you guys a lot about the rooms that I have had professionally organized in our home, ( Thank you Evergreenmethod!!!), but today I want to give a little update! I am soooo obsessed with how they all turned out and for the most part, I have been really good about maintaining them. Then COVID came, and well, let’s just say I went a little overboard on buying bulk food. In general, just being in the house every day, all day, with the kids for six months definitely took a toll on my pantry. Cooking every meal and all the snacks, with two five-year-old assistants… really tested the system we had in place. Which was more about efficiency, because we were packing lunches daily, and constantly on the go. That changed, ha. It needed a little makeover for sure. Now because it already had a facelift, this was pretty simple:) 

I will dive right in…

How We Keep Our Pantry Organized

Once you have the storage materials even if you let things go, it is much easier to get back on track where you left off. I know we have talked in the past about how overwhelming the container store can be so I will share with you guys the products that I really love and have helped keep our pantry in check.

Organization Products:

These bins are my favorite!! They are aesthetically pleasing, and they hold all our larger snacks, bakery items, plus they are super durable. I have had them for a couple of years and they still look like new.

If you are a cereal family and are so tired of all those bulky boxes these oxo containers are a gem! They keep the cereal fresh, I can find what I want easily, and my pantry looks so much cleaner without having all the boxes to sort through. You could use them for pasta storage as well.

Lazy Susan’s are also the deal!! Okay, I really love these. They are a total must-have for the pantry. I store all my pasta sauces, peanut butter, any random condiments on mine. They are also perfect for your spice cabinet. 

Lastly, this expand-a-shelf is perfect for storing canned goods. I hate not being able to see things, so these are great, all my canned goods are lined up, easy to grab, and find what I am looking for. I also have a ton of these oxo containers for the kids’ snacks, my chocolates, you could also use them for pasta, really anything. I love them! As I type I am thinking of more things! Ha, these stacking pantry bins are also great to have! I store kids applesauce, mac & cheese packets, and all the pre=portioned things, they are great to have in the pantry.

So, there you have it! Those are like my must-have storage products that have been efficient, and helpful. I would also recommend having the food you use the most in the front so that it’s easy to grab and you aren’t rummaging through everything. Oh, and labeling!! I love having labels, they look uniform, and they let me know where things go when I am unloading groceries or in general have let things slide and need to get back on track.

I hope this was helpful! I love sharing these parts of my life as I feel like we can all relate to how chaotic your home can get with all the stuff we accumulate, especially in these current times when we are spending so much time in our homes!!

Next on my agenda is our garage!! I am working with Carly as we speak so I will for sure share that journey with you guys:)

Tell me all your organizational secrets???



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