Favorite Baby Stuff

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, so here is the thing I realize I have been out of the baby zone, and have now moved into full blown fournager stage times 2!!! But I gotta say, I would still use the same stuff that saved my life when the girls were babies if I were to have another kid today. Of course, I realize there is always something new and improved, but I still want to share with you guys the products that kept me sane when the twins were babies. Note some of these are specific to having twins, but most of them I would have gotten even with just 1 baby.

Favorite Baby Things!

 Baby Bjorn Cradle- I loved these! They were perfect as they don’t take up a ton of space, you can move them around easily, and they are easy to rock.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer– This one, hands down the best! Seriously, don’t waste your money on the fancy, cute changing pad area… I mean you can for looks of course, but they aren’t practical at all. You can move it around the house easily, super simple to clean, just wipe it down with antibacterial wipe and your good to go. It’s nice and thick, so it’s comfy for the baby, love love!

BabyBjorn Bouncer- What can I not say about these, I rocked the girls to sleep two at a time, fed them, played with them, read to them..the list goes on. These chairs are AWESOME! My girls loved them. They can use them for a long time as the weight goes up to 28 pounds. They even have a toy bar you can purchase seperately that attaches. It is also machine washable, and easy to put back on. Worth every penny!

Twin Z pillow- Loved this! I put them in it all the time. You can bottle feed, they can sleep, and if I had to get things done around the house I could just move it around easily.

Boon Flair Highchair– We just stopped using these when the girls were 3ish…  as the weight goes up to 50 pounds.They are great! I love how you can move them on the wheels, the height is adjustable, and they are super durable. Easy to clean, and I don’t mind the look of them. You don’t want an eye sore you have to stare at for 3 plus years:) We had the gray with pink insert for the girls.

Bugaboo donkey- Okay I know this is pricey, but seriously it’s worth every penny. We used it soooo much when the girls were newborns, and then transitioned to the seats which we still use now for really long walks, or trips such as Disney at 4 years old. It’s super easy to put together/breakdown, and its relatively light considering the size. Being that it’s a double stroller and side by side it fits through most doorways, and is easy to steer. If you have twins this is worth every penny. We invested in the footmuff option for the winter months, We bundle them up, and we can do things on cold days/evenings. They also give you a ton of color options for the add on pieces, so it also looks super trendy.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller-I talked about this one in my travel post. The bugaboo is great, but not as easy to pack for traveling, also I don’t mind taking this one on the beach. It has the umbrellas, easy to fold, also fits through most doorways.

Wipe warmer– I never thought I would be into this, always thought it was a little extra..but someone gifted it to me, and the twins loved it! It made diaper changing much less stressful when they were babies.

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