Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Guys!!! I am back, ha. I know, I know, I have totally slacked on the blog the past few months… I just have been so wrapped up in homeschooling the twins that I just haven’t had time to focus on it! The good news is, we are in the last week of school! Woohooooo! I swear I have never had more respect for teachers than I do now!!! 

Anyway, back on track… Father’s Day is right around the corner and I thought this would be the perfect time to roll out a gift guide. If you have been around for a bit you already know that my husband is the ultimate gift-giver… it makes me crazy (until I open my amazing presents, ha) So I always try to really be on top of my game. Thankfully Khalil has dropped a few hints of what he wants this year and I have been paying extra attention. Here goes…. 

(Khalil weighed in heavily on this so I have to give him props for the inspo and dad seal of approval)

NOTE: This is a list of things that my husband would/does LOVE. I know that many of these things are not in everyone’s budget and they certainly haven’t always been in ours. If you head to -> https://www.liketoknow.it/twin_latte You will find options in a range of budgets for everything on this list. XO

For Dads who love fashion:  

Cuff Links: These are such a great gift, Khalil has these Salvatore Ferragamo Cufflinks, and wears them all the time!

Belt: Okay. I am 99% getting Khalil a belt this year because he has been eyeing this Tom Ford Belt for a long time now. It is a major splurge but I know he will wear it all the time, so I don’t feel as badly about the hefty price tag.

Duffle Bag: This Louis Vuitton travel bag-was a super splurge a few years ago but Khalil uses this bag all the time! It’s with him every time we travel, weekend trips, and even just to the gym… I am even guilty of snagging it for my own trips whenever he isn’t using it. I would never spend the money on the LV luggage, as I feel that would get so banged up in the airport, but with the duffel bag, you don’t have to worry as much, it really is the best travel bag!

Card Holder: I love this one! I honestly prefer a cardholder for myself as well rather than a bulky wallet. I got this Fendi Cardholder for Khalil like… 5 years ago? He still uses it today. It’s a great gift! I love how different this one is, with the gold detail on the hardware.

For Dads who love home decor: 

Jonathan Adler Pieces- Like… anything. ha. We love his stuff! We were stalking the website the other day and found so many cool pieces. Khalil hasn’t stopped dropping hints about wanting these cheeky “candid canisters” with silly labels. I honestly love the circus vibe – so I am a strong ‘maybe” on these. I know it won’t be everyone’s taste, but we have a playful sense of humor with our decor.

Practical Kitchen Decor: We actually both want this Marble fruit bowl for our house! It’s super sleek, gorgeous, and is a PERFECT size. If you are a fruit family, this one is massive and will hold all the fruit without building that risky pile. I notice that when the bowl is too small and we have to make a big pile, our fruit goes bad quickly

For Dads who are all about that skincare:

Khalil swears by Kiehl’s. He has been using their products for years. His skin care routine is as detailed as mine! I gotta say it shows for sure. He uses pieces from the Facial Fuel Collection and the Age Defender Collection. This would be a great gift at a good price point.

Khalil’s must-haves for all dads:

Tommy John Boxers & Undershirts -I am always stocking up on these for Khalil. He will not wear anything else. He says to be careful with this one because once you start wearing them you can’t go back to anything else. Super soft, durable, and comfy! His words:)

Lululemon shorts– He lives in these shorts I swear! I know he feels the same way about these that I feel about my align leggings . They are his go-to for around the house, running errands, gym, super comfy & casual for lounging.

Howard Stern Comes Again– Alright even if you aren’t a Howard Stern fan you can appreciate this book, and if you are, then even better! Khalil literally LOL’d like the whole time he was reading this book. I would be like “Huh??? What in the world is so funny!” Eventually, he even convinced me to read it. It isn’t my regular genre but I did really liked it!

Porsche Hat- This is kinda random, but it may be on my list for Khalil this year:) Good price point, and if your significant other is into cars/ Porsche could be a good one.

Car Coat Hanger – Khalil has this and loves it! If you are in the car a lot, which he is, it’s a game-changer. He never has to worry about wrinkles or his nice jackets getting tossed around in the backseat.

Lastly… because I see him using it every day! Ha! His  Yeti coffee tumbler 🙂

Okay, I had so much fun with this. I hope this is helpful. Please share with me what you guys think!



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