Eyelash Extensions: My Experience

by Courtney El-Ghoul
eye lash extensions
My days rocking a fresh set of lashes

As I was getting ready for our last beach vacay this summer I was sharply reminded just how jealous I am of all you ladies that can rock eyelash extensions. Aghhh I loved them so much when I had them!!! If only you could see my eye roll as I was packing my mascara, haha!

Okay, so on that note I wanted to talk about my experience as I am so curious if this ever happened to any of you guys! 

My Experience With Eyelash Extensions

I feel like all my beauty must-haves came into my life right after the twins were born. I mean I had to simplify my getting ready as I had NO time! One of the first things I did was eyelash extensions. Nothing makes me feel more put together than super full and feminine lashes. I didn’t have time anymore to sit there every morning… layering, curling, separating, and repeating until they were perfect anymore! I am fortunate that one of my dearest girlfriends happens to be an artist, literally, at everything beauty-related! I am not kidding, she is so talented. She has her own business, Beauty Mark by Nina, so of course, the minute the girls were old enough for me to take the time… I had her do them for me. I was hooked, instantly! She uses Xtreme lashes and we decided if I am going to have them, I might as well go big and do volume! Go big or go home, right! Oh, it was it heavenly, to wake up every morning feeling so glam, and not having to deal with mascara, raccoon eyes, and all the rest… 

As I said, I began getting them after the girls were born, and I continued with no breaks for about a year and a half. I would say about a year in after I would get my fill I would notice my eyes itching and a ton of redness!! Honestly, I started in full-on denial. I didn’t want to give them up! Nina and I tried EVERYTHING. We got the hypoallergenic glue, we tried not using the eye patches, even spot testing where she only put like 4 or 5 lashes in. The allergic reaction still happened! I think towards the end I fully let out a “Nooooooo” in the salon, totally shameless. I was so bummed! It was like, what happened? Did my body just suddenly say “okay, we are rejecting this like, NOW?” Or was there something about my initial postpartum chemistry that camouflaged my allergy? Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll dive deeper into this. The whole idea was to save time, and that rabbit-hole isn’t going to save me any time. 

Anyway, I had to give them up, devastating… hugely upset over here! So for the past couple years, I have to do what I can to keep my lashes looking fly sans eyelash extensions. Post-extensions,  Latisse really did help me whip them back into shape. I know some people are hesitant to use it, however, I have had no complaints. Of course, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding it’s a no go. But once you are out of that part of the parenting process – I think it really works. At first, I was using it daily. I was trying to rebound from my lashless sadness as quickly as possible. Now, I still use it about twice per week, and that is perfect maintenance for me. I also have done exhaustive research on the best mascaras to use for that super glam look. Maybe I’ll do a future post on that!? 

After it is all said and done, there is nothing like the extensions, let’s be real! If you haven’t given them a try I would say go for it! If you end up being allergic like me, at least you gave it a shot. Who knows it’s been a few years, so maybe I could give it another go:)

Have any of you guys had issues with being allergic? If so, what’s your extension free go-to for that lashes-for-days look? 

XO Courtney

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