Evening Skin Care Routine

by Courtney El-Ghoul
Skin care products

I know we are all tired at the end of a long day, there are plenty of nights after I get the twins to sleep that I literally want to do nothing but go to bed. The thought of having to wash my face is so ANNOYING, You guys feel my pain right!?

 As much as I just want to sleep, the reality is I MUST remove my makeup, wash my face, and go through my evening routine. It’s so important to not only have a good morning routine, but to continue in the evening as well. Sleeping in your make-up is the worst thing you can do for your skin. You will be prone to more breakouts, clogged pores, dull skin, and I really believe it will make you age faster. Your skin needs oxygen to heal and regenerate those radiant new skin cells, and it not getting any when it’s constantly covered in makeup. We have all likely done it before, I know I am guilty, but if you can get a good evening regime going your skin will thank you! You will look and feel so much better!

We all want that baby smooth, glowing, and wrinkle free skin! So, we’ve gotta put in the work. 

I will list for you guys step by step what I do in the evening, and my favorite products. Trust me, I so wish I would have been more educated on this sooner. The earlier you can get into these good habits the better!

1.) First thing I do is remove my makeup with the Origins Jelly Makeup Remover.  It helps to remove your makeup before you wash your face, an extra step so you know your getting rid of all the gunk. If you feel like you won’t take the time to do this, at least use a makeup remover wipe before you apply your face wash.

2.) Next wash my face with the Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser. I use the Muslin cloths from Amazon – I feel like they really get to cleanser into my skin and it’s a little bit of extra exfoliation.

3.) Toner, yes…at night. I have tried a lot of different brands, but I have been using the Ole Henriksen GloW2OH for a while now. It helps with fine lines and  I notice a real difference in the texture/brightness of my skin in the morning when I use it at night.

4.) Apply my HOLY GRAIL product. I am not even kidding, this stuff is liquid GOLD. Skin Ceuticals HA intensifier. I use this morning and in the evening. It will help promote collagen & elasticity in your skin, if you do fillers it will also make them last longer. Once I ran out and had to go a few days without it NEVER AGAIN.

5.) Under eye cream. Please Please Please use under eye specific cream. The skin under there is totally different from the rest of your face. Using your regular face cream will be too heavy and canl actually weigh down that light fragile skin. I use the SkinCeuticals Age Eye Complex. I LOVE this stuff, note use AM/PM I have tried a lot of eye creams, and this one is worth the price. I see the difference with fine lines, and puffiness.

6.)  I apply the SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 renew overnight. It has a 10% glycolic acid value which helps promote cellular turnover, leaving you with less breakouts and glowing skin. Note I only use this at night, I did have to work my way into using it every evening. If you have sensitive skin, start with a couple times a week until you feel like your skin is tolerating it well. If I am not using this, I will just apply a night time peptide moisturizing cream.

7.) Lastly, I apply a lip balm. I really like the Lip Sleeping Mask – LANEIGE | Sephora I use this not just at night, but also during the day as a gloss. It makes your lips super soft! Another good one is the All Good Goop Organic Healing Balm & Ointment | For … – Amazon.com This stuff is awesome! I use it day/night during the winter, it really helps heal your lips, and keeps them soft.  This one Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm – Fresh | Sephora is also a great choice. Smells really yummy too.


If you can squeeze in a mask a couple times a week that is great as well to do in the evening. A few good ones…. 

  • FRESH – Black Tea firming mask: Super light, bt when you wash it off you can feel that yummy firm skin feeling 🙂 
  • Laneige – Water sleeping mask: Hellooooo moisture. If you’ve spent all day in a stuffy building with AC or heat blasting use this overnight and undo that artificial air dryness. 
  • Glow Recipe – Watermelon AHA Glow Mask: Especially good for days when you’ve had a lot of sun or wind exposure. It is super soothing and evens out fresh discoloration really well.

This maybe a little bougie, but I LOVE IT! I keep my masks, cream based eye creams, vitamin C, and jade roller in this Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer (4 Liter … – Amazon.com It is a bit of an eye sore, if that doesn’t bother you it’s perfect!

Get this pillow case slip™ for beauty sleep Slipsilk™ Pure Silk Pillowcase | Nordstrom

You totally get your money’s worth! It’s like an 8 hour beauty treatment! YESSS please. Seriously I love this pillow case, I even got an extra one for traveling. It helps prevent aging, good for your hair, and those god awful sleep lines you get at night.

ENJOY! Let me know if you have any questions:)

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