Eliminating Toxins From Your Beauty Products

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Hi Everyone! I am back with part two!!

This one is more recent, and I still have a lot of work to do, but I gotta say that so far everything I have tried clean ingredients-wise in beauty/self-care space has been AMAZING! Truthfully. Maybe I just got lucky with the brands I went with, but I have been super happy thus far.

I know this one is tough because we all have some trusted hair, makeup, and skincare products/brands that we have been loyal to for longer than we can even recall… But, it is so important!!! Honestly, when you think about it and do the research… your skin is the biggest organ you have… and we are just slathering it with these harsh chemicals on the daily!!! It’s so freaking scary!! Don’t even get me started on how they even get away with selling this crap, like… Tampax!?! It’s honestly so frustrating. But I guess just like with our food, medical care, pretty much everything in this world we have to take matters into our own hands and do the research. Anyway… I could go on a rant with that, but that probably wouldn’t be very useful to you. Back to the clean beauty recommendations… 

Note: I also want to mention that in comparison to what I was buying before, mostly everything has been pretty similar, if not more affordable price-wise than some of my older, less clean, products. 

Let’s dive into some of the stuff I have been using!

My Beauty Product Recommendations

Aunt Flo. I am so mad at myself for not doing this sooner… I recently made the switch to 100% cotton organic tampons. I am using Natracare, which you can get at whole foods, or via Amazon. Their products are perfume-free, chlorine-free, & biodegradable. This is something we are putting in our bodies monthly! It’s so disappointing to know that the brands we have trusted our whole lives have been so toxic and not transparent at all. Please, do your research, and make the shift! 

Toothpaste. I didn’t think I could do it, but I also got rid of my Sensodyne and switched to this Himalayan pink salt toothpaste from Rael. It’s fluoride-free with no harsh chemicals. I love it!! 

Deodorant. Right now I am either using Native or Schmidt’s. The deodorant takes getting used to but now it’s just routine for me. 

Collagen. Okay, honestly, this deserves a whole separate post… (note to self: write a whole post about this, ha) But, I want to mention it because this is newer in my beauty routine and I’ve already had to make a product switch out of fear of exposure to heavy metals in the powder form I was taking before. The brand I switched to is called Skin. So far so good, I have been taking it for about 6 weeks, and my skin feels more hydrated, nails are growing like crazy, even my eyebrow hair is growing. As it turns out, your body absorbs the liquid collagen over 95% better than the powder formula. Pretty cool 

Hair. I try to use all clean products for both myself and the girls. I recently started using this app called “Think Dirty” You can actually shop clean products and also browse to see which ones are not so great ingredient-wise. You can even scan the barcode with products you are currently using to see where they fall on the clean scale. Full disclosure: It will probably freak you out when you start looking!!! Yikes. So for the kids, I love The Honest Company  and Shea Moisture. For me, I recently switched over to  Dae hair by blogger @amberfillerup. No complaints here – my hair feels clean and strong.

Makeup. You guys know how much I love my makeup! There are still some things that I am just not ready to give up, but I am making baby steps. I have been trying to purchase and try out clean brands and some I love and some… I don’t. For the brands that I have tried that I will for sure keep using … The Lip Bar, beauty bakerie Coola, Tarte, and ilia. They are of high quality, long-lasting, and cleaner than some of the others I was using.

Sunscreen.  At this point, I only use Coola or sunscreens without parabens, reef-friendly, and zinc oxide free. I always check the ingredients for myself and the girls on this one. Coola is an easy go-to because I just order it online, via sephora and they have a spray-on version for the kids. 

Skincare. Again, this one I am working on. The Necessaire body collection is amazing, no dies, no parabens super clean. I love it! For masks, there are a ton of good ones. Summer Fridays, OLEHENRIKSEN and Origins have all made the final list for every skincare post I’ve done so far. 

Look, I know… I still have so many products that I could switch out. But, I am going to do it slowly, just like I said in last week’s post. It is a process, but doable.

 What about you guys? How do you feel about clean beauty products?

Likes, dislikes, brands you have been loving? Things you feel you can’t give up?

Would love to keep this convo going, I will of course continue to share new makeup/hair products I am discovering and loving!



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