Bahamas Travel & Baha Mar Review

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Let’s talk about the BAHAMAS! Okay, so Baha Mar is all the rage now, am I right? Ever since that Beverly Hills Housewives episode! I won’t lie, I am always a little nervous traveling with the twins. The Bahamas was a compromise because the flight wasn’t that long and we were in the same time zone. 

Spoiler Alert: I did all that stressing out for nothing! They were so good on the flight (even with a stop) – So, now I know! 


Baha Mar- Where to Stay

The 3 main hotels are all connected The Grand Hyatt, SLS, &  Rosewood. They are all HUGE. We went back and forth forever trying to pick which one we wanted, we ultimately decided on the Grand Hyatt as we thought it was the most kid-friendly. If we visited again we would stay at the SLS for sure.

The Hyatt is the largest, and it’s so massive, I got turned around/lost throughout a lot of the trip. They have the “Kids Club” which we thought our girls would really love. But, at 4 years old my kids just hit the beach & the pool and were totally satisfied… so we didn’t really need this feature. If you have older children the kids club is a great option as they have a lot to offer. The atrium and the beach sanctuary are pretty cool. They have stingrays, nurse sharks, and sea turtles. I am pretty sure they have times when the kids can feed them. We just looked at them, the girls were into it for a bit- but honestly just wanted to be in the pool.

SLS & Rosewood If you are traveling without kids – hands down the SLS or Rosewood, they have a much more chill vibe. For us, if we were going to go back before the girls are much older I think we would stay at the SLS. It is much smaller and easier to navigate.

*If you have kids younger than our girls, I think you could go either way.

Baha Mar – Where to Eat

Okay, prepare yourself now, the food/drink is pricey. It’s all very good, but the prices were a little unexpected, so I wanted to give you all a little heads-up on that. The first day I got a bottle of Evian, and I am not kidding, it was eight bucks! My advice is to hit the grocery store as soon as you get checked in and settled. If you ask, they will bring a mini-fridge and a microwave for your room. We did this, and it was a game-changer for breakfast/lunch. We would eat a light breakfast in the room, pack sandwiches and some snacks for the twins, and then hit the beach/pool early so we could snag some good chairs!  TRUST ME, the early risers are on the beach or by the pool at the crack of dawn so you’ve gotta get there early.

The Palms

Breakfast & Lunch- The Buffets are fine quality-wise, but they are just ridiculously expensive. We did them both… but we didn’t feel like we needed to do it every day after the first one. We aren’t a big-breakfast /lunch type of family so we didn’t need all the pancakes and waffles and super heavy stuff that might be worth the cost to others. They do have a Starbucks – but, because it’s the only reasonably priced option the line is INSANE in the mornings.  We prefer to do a light breakfast, a few snacks, and light healthy lunches – so buffets don’t often make sense for us. They do have multiple food trucks by the beach/pool that are good lunch spots as well. Save yourself the morning headache and go to the grocery store. It is like a 5-10 minute cab ride from the hotel and it saved us hours of waiting in lines and we always got good pool/beach seats – SO WORTH IT! (If you plan on enjoying cocktails I would also advise hitting up the Liquor store when you do that grocery run. The drinks are around $15 each)

Dinner – You need reservations! I would recommend calling about a week before and make your reservations. Particularly for the popular ones like Katsuya and Cleo (this was my favorite!) The Swimming Pig was a favorite for the twins. We truly enjoyed all of the dinners we had. The food was delicious and every restaurant created a super nice environment to have a special night.

Baha Mar -Pools & Beaches!

I am not exaggerating when I say we wasted at least a day on picking the wrong pool! They have so many – 6 total and we didn’t know which one would be best. We learned the hard way, but at least I can share with you guys where to go first.

Dean’s Blue Hole – This is the one I would say is more for the kiddos. They have a super cool grotto with a window for viewing sharks and sea turtles. They also have waterfalls! If you dare, there are rock walls to jump from (not my thing!) The only problem with this pool is that it gets super crowded and it’s hard to get and keep a good set up. (This is where packing your breakfast/lunch comes in handy)

Drift Pool

The Drift Pool – Was our favorite! It was so chill, cabanas that feature rain showers, yummy restaurant/bar that is right by the pool, just a super nice vibe. I would recommend having your set up here, and then you can always jump around in the other pools to see the attractions.

They have some cool free options on the beach like Kayaking & Paddle Boarding. The twins had so much fun doing this! They would sit on the board while Khalil or I paddled 😉 They even have snorkeling equipment & water hammocks. If you ask they will set up chairs for you with umbrellas (make sure you get there early.) Pro-tip, if you leave where you are set up pool/beach and only a towel they have a 45-minute rule – after that someone else can take your spot. It may seem annoying, but it ended up being great because so many people just mark a sweet spot with a towel and leave for like 3 hours! We spent most of our time on the beach if you couldn’t tell! The drink & food service on the beach is pretty much non-existent, so as I said before, pack some snacks/ drinks, and the food trucks are pretty close for lunch. They take FOREVER to take your order on the beach, and if you get lucky and get someone’s attention it’s likely to be like an hour before you get your drink/food. So be prepared with a solid beach set-up complete with snacks/drinks and it will be AWESOME! It’s just so beautiful, the waters are calm and crystal clear, We had the most fun at the beach.

OH! If you have a mini bose dock – PACK IT! We just hung out all day playing chill music and it created such a nice vibe!

Before you leave your house:

Okay, so after a couple of trips with the twins at their current age,  I think I have finally learned not to overpack clothing. They honestly lived in swimsuits most of the trip. I would change their clothes once for dinner in the evening- and that was it. My master plans to do multiple outfit changes for cute pictures is not a reality! A couple of major wins for our trip were bringing their life vests, a couple of easily packable pool toys, sand bucket, & Ipad with headphones (this not only helps with the flight but also for dinners out…) Also, a wetsuit! The sun is no joke, you can not physically apply enough sunscreen throughout the day to protect them from getting burned. I got these adorable ones from Tiny Tribe, and they wore them the whole time. Game-Changer.

Overview – I highly recommend visiting Baha Mar! It was such a fun trip, and we will for sure return. I hope this was helpful, feel free to comment if you have any other questions or something I missed that you’re curious about 🙂

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