Back to School Shopping for Kindergarten during a Pandemic

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Today I wanted to talk about back to school shopping, I know… I know, it is so weird saying/writing that. For some of us, our kids will be going back to school in person, very soon. I mean who knows how long it will last (gosh I pray it will!!!!) We still have to prepare them for school, even if they do end up being home with me again. For those of you who are still scheduled for at-home learning, you will no doubt still have some things to prepare. 

I know this is such an uneasy scary time for all of us. As a parent every situation is going to be different, so here is my take… If your school is open and you are choosing distance learning I get it, If your school is opening in person and your kids will be attending I get that too. Every situation is different, and we have to respect that every person is going to have a different comfort level when it comes to school, and that is okay.

I am digressing, as usual! Ha so back to the post, since my kiddos are going back in person I thought I would share with you some stuff I have in my cart and some things that I have already purchased for the girls.


Okay this one is so important. We all know face masks aren’t the most comfortable thing to wear all day, but …hey, they save lives… so we do what has to be done. I feel that the little kids, in particular, have the worst time with them. If you have kids with sensory sensitivities it’s even worse. So I have been on the hunt for the comfiest, softest masks for Nahla & Ava. Here are some I have already or plan on purchasing.

Etsy has been a great go-to. I got > these <, > these<, and > these <. They all had great reviews, and the ones I have received have been super soft & the girls don’t mind them. 

This brand > Masqd < is also highly rated so I plan to try.

Also got >>> these <<< from Old Navy, also with good reviews.

Lunch Prep:

If you have been around for a while you already know my go-to system for packing lunches. >>>Planet Box<<< of course! They are the best, plus you are helping the environment by buying eco-friendly. It doesn’t hurt that they have the cutest magnets, and seriously the best quality. Going into year 3 with no regrets. If you are in the group not going back to school in-person I still recommend these. We always use ours for lunchtime, even at home. 

These water bottles are my new favorite. I got one for myself too!


I love love love to shop for the girls! BUT, for some reason when they are at school… they ruin everything1 So I try to shop at places that are more affordable, but also cute, of course. I was even thinking this year to go the uniform route?? Their school requires it after kindergarten, so I might as well get them used to it now.> The Gap<, >Old Navy<, >H&M<, >Amazon<, & >Target< all places I have open carts at.. >Lands End< is also good if you need uniforms.

Outdoor Supplies:

This one is new this year. The plan with our school is to hold lunch and as many activities as possible outdoors as long as the weather permits. So, I have been on the hunt for a good outdoor picnic blanket. >>>Etsy<<< has some really cute ones, and >>>Amazon<<< also seems to have plenty in case you need the same:)

It is for sure going to be a very different year, and I know we are all in different places… But, I hope this was helpful for some of you, at least. I’ll be honest, as strange as it feels planning for school, it is also a good feeling. It helps to feel somewhat normal again, if that makes sense???

Anyway how are you guys feeling about school?



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