10 Year Anniversary Trip

by Courtney El-Ghoul

Okay, so I have been dropping hints about our 10th anniversary trip in my last few blog posts and Instagram posts, and now that we are in the final planning stages… I can finally share with you guys what we are doing 🙂


Our official wedding anniversary is February 20th, so we knew that we wanted to escape the dead of winter here in DC. Initially, we were all over the place with what to do – because there are so many cool European destinations… but it would still be cold. We even considered postponing our celebration until the spring so that we could have warmer options. Honestly, though, I just felt like – I want to celebrate my anniversary when it is happening! It wouldn’t have felt the same for me to wait until spring.

Deciding Where To Go!

One of our friends had told Khalil about a catamaran trip he had been on and said it was AMAZING. First off, you, like me… are probably like… catamaran, huh??? haha. I had never heard of such a thing before. But then I started my research 🙂 It’s more or less a small yacht, and you can book a private charter for vacations. Our friend that recommended it had gone with two other couples and had a blast. We have done the whole traveling with friends thing, and don’t get me wrong, I love our friends, but this is something we both wanted just for us. It’s our 10th anniversary and we still love spending time just the two of us, so we thought we should keep it simple on that front. No kids, no family/friends, just the two of us! I mean putting up with each other for 10 years is a big deal right??:) We deserve it!

Solo Miami Trip

Researching The Trip

Anyway, so the research began… I have to give Khalil tons of props on this front. He is super obsessive about this type of thing – Like in a really good way. He won’t stop until he feels like he has found the perfect one and he always does. It’s part of why we make such a good team 🙂 I don’t have the patience or energy to spend countless hours searching all types of catamaran charters, just not my cup of tea. After what felt like days of him scouring the internet, comparing prices, boats, islands visited, emails back and forth with boat owners. I mean, the amount of info that goes into it is so intense – which makes sense since it’s such a big commitment. You can reserve a boat, but of course, a hefty deposit is required, so we wanted to make sure we were picking the right one. On top of the boat/trip organization, we also had to figure out getting the girls squared away with a sitter for the week. That’s right, six nights, no kiddos!!!! Woohooo – I am sure you can imagine my excitement. I love my girls, but every parent could use some alone time. Luckily my mom has been kind enough to make it work, so the girls will be in good hands with their grandma for the week.

Details About Our Catamaran Trip

Okay, so let’s get to it! The boat we decided to go with we found through wlmscharters.com. They were great to work with and gave us several options of different catamarans that were available. We went with a 40-foot boat that can sleep up to 4 people. It is perfect for what we wanted. Just Khalil and I, the captain, and the chef:) This is the actual boat to give you a reference http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/2282/ppopX/5781/1 . We will fly to St. Thomas where we will get on the boat, and then really get the party started:) We are going to be sailing through the British Virgin Islands. The charter company sent us some sample itinerary options, but ultimately we can do whatever we want. More research! We have three books from Amazon right now with maps of the Islands and my google search is insane. So we haven’t narrowed down exactly what islands we want to stop at yet, but the plan is a lot of snorkeling, swimming, dinners with views, Oh and they asked us to send them a preference sheet about 6 weeks prior to our departure date with these types of details, special requests, food, etc..  

If you couldn’t tell already I am beyond excited! I have to up my bathing suit game since that’s pretty much all I will be living in for the week. (if you were wondering why I have been bathing suit shopping-obsessed lately) So – until we head off for departure – I will be watching Bravo’s Below Deck on repeat, haha. I will, of course, share the full review with you guys when we get back.

Has anyone else done anything like this? 



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